Custom Sialyl Tumor Antigen Production Service

Custom Sialyl Tumor Antigen Production Service

Sialyl tumor antigens are regarded as promising targets for the design of anticancer vaccines. CD BioGlyco has developed a variety of synthesis methods to provide our customers with desired sialyl tumor antigens and their derivatives. We have the confidence to be your scientific assistant in the field of glycobiology.

What is Sialyl Tumour Antigen?

Glycosylation changes that occur in cancer often lead to the expression of some oligosaccharides. These oligosaccharides have been named tumor-associated carbohydrate antigens (TACAs) which are divided into two major groups: 1) Modified lacto-series type 1 or type 2 chains, represented by sialyl Lewis a and sialyl Lewis x structures; 2) Core carbohydrate structures of O-linked mucin-type, represented by T and Tn antigens. In addition, the general increase in sialylation is commonly observed in N-linked and O-linked glycans of carcinoma cells. For example, sialyl Lewis x, sialyl Lewis a and sialyl Tn are tumor-associated antigens found in breast cancer. Sialyl tumor antigens are sialyl TACAs which mainly include sialyl Lewis a antigen, sialyl Lewis x antigen, sialyl T and sialyl Tn antigen. Sialyl Lewis a and sialyl Lewis x function as E-selectin epitopes promoting tumor cell interaction with endothelial cells. Sialyl Tn antigen is also a target for breast cancer immunotherapy. Additionally, glycopeptides containing sialyl tumor antigens are used as potential preventive vaccines for carcinomas.

Schematic overview of sialyl Lewis x, sialyl Lewis a and sialyl Tn.Fig.1 Schematic overview of sialyl Lewis x, sialyl Lewis a and sialyl Tn. (Zhang, 2018)

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  • Customized synthesis routes of sialyl tumor antigen
  • Advanced synthesis methods such as chemoenzymatic synthesis and solid-phase synthesis
  • Excellent analytical techniques
  • Experienced technical team

CD BioGlyco has a lot of experience in the synthesis of sialyl tumor antigens. We have provided successful services to scientific researchers from all over the world. If you are interested in our services, please contact us for more detailed information.


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