Deslanoside Analysis Service

Deslanoside Analysis Service

Discover the Hidden Depths of Glycobiology with CD BioGlyco's Deslanoside Analysis

CD BioGlyco possesses a large of excellent scientists and professional knowledge, providing comprehensive Pharmaceutical Analysis Services and Biological Evaluation Services. In our rigorous analysis and evaluation, deslanoside is one of the various pharmaceutical products examined. We are equipped to analyze a wide range of deslanoside formulations and determine their properties with precision. Deslanoside is a 14-beta hydroxy steroid, a 12-beta hydroxy steroid, a cardenolide glycoside, and a tetrasaccharide derivative. It can be used for its potential as an anti-arrhythmia agent, a cardiotonic medication, a metabolite, and an inhibitor of Na(+)/K(+)-transporting adenosine triphosphatase.

Fig.1 The structure of deslanoside. (Wikipedia, 2024)Fig.1 The structure of deslanoside. (Wikipedia, 2024)

Deslanoside Analysis Service at CD BioGlyco

At CD BioGlyco, we utilize a range of cutting-edge techniques and methods to develop a specific analysis plan according to clients' needs. We specifically analyze deslanoside samples to assist clients in making innovations in the areas of pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Our service shall aim at facilitating the characterization, quantification, and quality control of deslanoside samples with as much precision and reliability as possible.

Fig.2 Our testing items. (CD BioGlyco)Fig.2 Our testing items. (CD BioGlyco)

  • Identification
    We're using different techniques to identify them and provide the clients with a variety of safeguards.
    • Thin-layer chromatography
      We utilize thin-layer chromatography for identification by comparing the position and fluorescence of the main spots in the sample solution with those in the control solution.
    • High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)
      In the chromatogram recorded under the content determination section, we ensure that the retention time of the main peak in the sample solution matches that of the main peak in the reference solution.
  • Content determination
    To determine its content, we use state-of-the-art analytical technologies, including HPLC, combined with advanced mass spectrometry techniques.
  • Loss on drying
    The sample should be dried at a high temperature to constant weight, then calculate loss on drying.
  • Abnormal toxicity analysis
    We take the sample and prepare a solution of sodium chloride that will be injected into it to check its unusual toxicity in animal models.

Publication Data

Technology: Cell viability analysis, Colony formation assay, Western blotting, Animal experiments

Journal: Cancers

IF: 5.2

Published: 2021

Results: This study investigates the potential anticancer activity of the cardiac glycoside deslanoside in prostate cancer. The researchers found that deslanoside effectively inhibited colony formation and tumor growth in prostate cancer cell lines 22Rv1, PC-3, and DU 145. The anticancer activity was attributed to cell cycle arrest at G2/M and induction of apoptosis, as well as suppression of invasion and migration of the cancer cells. Genome-wide expression profiling identified 130 genes that were either upregulated or downregulated by deslanoside, affecting various cellular processes and signaling pathways. Survival analyses revealed that certain deslanoside-regulated genes correlated with disease-free and overall survival in prostate cancer patients. These findings suggest deslanoside as a potential candidate for repurposing as an anticancer drug and provide insights into the molecular mechanisms underlying its activity in prostate cancer cells.


  • Our research team summarizes the analysis data clearly and concisely.
  • Our research team consists of members with a variety of academic backgrounds and different expertise, enabling us to explore the issues in more than one way.
  • By developing new research approaches and solutions, we seek to demonstrate innovative thinking.

At CD BioGlyco, we provide detailed and comprehensive reports after completing the deslanoside analysis. Our research team develops different testing methods for different compounds and carries out method validation. If you are keen on knowing more about our services, please contact us.


  2. Liu, M.; et al. The cardiac glycoside deslanoside exerts anticancer activity in prostate cancer cells by modulating multiple signaling pathways. Cancers. 2021, 13: 5809.
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