Arabinan Analysis Service

Arabinan Analysis Service

Roles of Arabinan

Arabinan, also known as gum arabic, possesses a backbone of α(1-5)-linked L-arabinofructan units and is a neutral polysaccharide with only L-arabinose as a constituent (mono) sugar. Arabinan is named for its earliest isolation from gum arabic. Compared with other common sugars, arabinan has a lower calorie content, which allows it to satisfy taste needs while controlling energy intake. Arabinan also has the property of dietary fiber, which promotes intestinal peristalsis, helping to relieve constipation symptoms and improve digestive health. In addition, arabinan can inhibit the rise in blood sugar caused by the intake of sucrose and therefore can inhibit obesity and prevent and treat diseases related to high blood sugar. On the other hand, arabinan has the effect of altering the composition of skeletal muscle fibers, affecting the growth of abdominal adipose tissue by governing glycolysis to sugar oxidation.

Arabinan Analysis Service at CD BioGlyco

CD BioGlyco has accumulated extensive experience in the Analytical Study of Polysaccharides and therefore we offer comprehensive arabinan analysis services.

  • We offer the determination of the presence of proteins and nucleic acids in arabinan using an ultraviolet-visible (UV-Vis) spectrophotometer.
  • We also offer an analysis of the homogeneity and molecular weight parameters of arabinan. We use a high-performance size exclusion chromatography system and a multi-angle light laser scattering detector and refractive index detector (HPSEC-HPSEC-RID) to determine the homogeneity and molecular weight parameters of polysaccharides.
  • For the analysis of monosaccharide composition, we use high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and anion exchange columns for systematic analysis.
  • For absolute conformational analysis of monosaccharides, ultraviolet-visible (UV) spectroscopy, and high-performance liquid chromatography are good choices.
  • For backbone structure analysis of arabinan, we provide Fourier-infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), multi-dimensional nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (NMR), and secondary mass spectrometry (MS).
  • For molecular weight analysis of arabinan, we use gel permeation chromatography (GPC) and MS techniques.

Fig.1 Analytical procedure for arabinan. (CD BioGlyco)Fig.1 Analytical procedure of arabinan. (CD BioGlyco)


Paper Title: Structural elucidation of an immunological arabinan from the rhizomes of Ligusticum chuanxiong, a traditional Chinese medicine

Technology: NMR analysis

Journal: International Journal of Biological Macromolecules

Published: 2021

Results: 1H, 13C, heteronuclear singular quantum correlation (HSQC), and heteronuclear multiple bond correlation (HMBC) NMR of an immunological arabinan (LCP70-2A) were shown in Fig.2. For the furanose residues forming glycosidic linkages, the chemical shifts of anomeric were in the range of 105-110 ppm when in an α configuration according to the literature. Thus, both the sugar residues of LCP70-2A were determined to be in α configuration. The linkage sites and sequences of the sugar residues in LCP70-2A were further confirmed by analyzing the correlation peaks in the HMBC spectrum.

Fig.2 1H, 13C, HSQC, and HMBC NMR spectra of LCP70-2A. (Zhang, et al., 2021)Fig.2 1H, 13C, HSQC, and HMBC NMR spectra of LCP70-2A. (Zhang, et al., 2021)


  • The arabinan analysis can be used to explore human immune regulation.
  • In the medical field, arabinan analysis is used in diabetes treatment research.
  • In the paper industry, arabinan analysis services are used in the development of thickening agents.


  • We have a diverse range of analysis methods that apply to most types of polysaccharides.
  • We have extensive experience in the analysis of polysaccharides and our analysis methods are efficient and of high quality.
  • In addition to the analysis of arabinan, we also provide our clients with polysaccharide isolation and purification services.

CD BioGlyco has become proficient in polysaccharide analysis and provides our clients with comprehensive arabinan analysis services. We hope to be your right hand in polysaccharide analysis. If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us.


  1. Zhang, S.; et al. Structural elucidation of an immunological arabinan from the rhizomes of Ligusticum chuanxiong, a traditional Chinese medicine. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules. 2021, 170: 42-52.
This service is for Research Use Only, not intended for any clinical use.

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