Ether Phospholipid Analysis Services

Ether Phospholipid Analysis Services

CD BioGlyco provides an integrated solution of lipidomics analysis services. Our advanced technology platforms and high-quality services will fully meet your needs. We expect to become customers' research assistants in lipidomics.

The Structure and Function of Ether Phospholipid

Ether phospholipids represent a special class of phospholipids in which the glycerol backbone has an ether or vinyl-ether bond at the sn-1 position, of which the vinyl-ethers constitute a class of ether phospholipids called plasmalogens. Found in major organs (brain, heart, kidney), brain myelin has a high content of phosphatidylethanolamine while myocardium contains phosphatidylcholine. Biosynthesis of plasmalogens starts with dihydroxyacetone phosphate, a product of glycolysis, which is used to form the glycerol backbone of the plasmalogen.

While the exact function of ether phospholipids is still not fully understood, they are essential for the normal development of major organs (heart, kidney, brain, lung, liver) and their deficiency causes major malformations of these organs as exemplified by the patients with peroxisomal biogenesis disorders and rhizomelic chondrodysplasia punctate. In addition, they appear to be important in postnatal life as their secondary deficiency is linked to various age-related diseases.

Fig.1 Ether phospholipids structure.Fig.1 Ether phospholipids structure (Dasouki, 2017)

Ether Phospholipid Analysis Services

CD BioGlyco provides a variety of effective methods such as liquid chromatography (LC) tandem mass spectrometry (MS), tandem mass spectrometry (LC/MS/MS), and electrospray ionization (ESI)-MS for ether phospholipid analysis.

Using LC/MS and MS/MS to characterize lipid profiles and identify ether phospholipids as an example, we describe the general operation and analytical procedures.

  • Lipid extractions

Lipid extractions are performed using the methyl-tert butyl ether method, with all steps performed under argon gas to prevent exposure to oxygen and subsequent oxidation of lipids. Samples are put in random order before lipid extraction, and again before mass spec analysis.

  • Liquid chromatography/mass spectroscopy (LC/MS)

Both the targeted and shotgun analysis is performed on lipid extracts, with lipids separated by reversed-phase ultra-performance liquid chromatography (UPLC).

  • Orthogonal partial least squares (OPLS) modeling

We use principal components analysis and combine PLS and orthogonal single correction discriminant analysis (OPLS-DA) to analyze the LC/MS data.

  • Lipid ion analysis

A strict analysis and reduction to specific lipid ions of interest are performed using the models and scores plots from the OPLS-DA analysis, along with the raw LC/MS data. Ions on this list are further examined using tandem mass spectroscopy (MS/MS).

  • Tandem mass spectroscopy and lipid identification

Samples are analyzed by MS/MS as described above for the initial LC/MS analysis.

Advantages of Us

  • Extensive experience in ether phospholipid analysis.
  • Fast turnaround time.
  • Professional research team and advanced ether phospholipid analysis platforms.
  • We continuously partner with global cohorts to provide high-quality ether phospholipid analysis services.

CD BioGlyco provides a variety of phospholipids analysis services according to the characteristics of different samples. We use professionalism and efficiency to complete orders and save time for customers while obtaining credible results. If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us.


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