Custom Building Block Synthesis

Custom Building Block Synthesis

CD BioGlyco is capable of providing various synthetic methods to obtain building blocks with different groups or chemical compositions according to customers’ needs. We look forward to providing our customers with efficient and professional scientific services in their research regarding glycobiology.


During the past few decades, numerous research teams have explored the synthesis of building blocks used in pharmaceutical products and other biologically active substances. As important intermediates of many drugs, building blocks are of great significance to the discovery and synthesis of drugs. Introducing some necessary groups into building blocks enables to improve and change the properties of drugs or compounds.

In the development of the combinatorial carbohydrate library, glucosamine acids, which are attractive building blocks for the preparation of carbohydrate-based libraries were produced by incorporating an acid amino into the carbohydrate scaffold. The generation of such building blocks allows the engineering of carbohydrate-binding sites into synthetic polypeptides, which may also affect the pharmacokinetic and dynamic properties of the peptides. In addition, homo- and heterovalent carbohydrate-functionalized oligomers can be synthesized by the approach of synthetic building blocks. Wojcik et al. synthesized carbohydrate-functionalized oligomers with different functionalization patterns by combining building blocks presenting different mono- and disaccharides.

Versatile synthetic strategy for access to multivalent glycoligands. Fig.1 Versatile synthetic strategy for access to multivalent glycoligands. (Wojcik, 2013)

Synthesis Methods

CD BioGlyco is an expert at designing the different routines for the custom synthesis of building blocks according to our client's scientific demands. The services we can provide include but are not limited to:

  • Chemical method. Introducing the structure required by customers into building blocks using some familiar compounds by well-developed chemical synthesis methods. We can synthesize heterocyclic-containing building blocks, fluorine-containing building blocks, nitrogen-containing building blocks, and aromatic-containing building blocks by chemical routine.
  • Biological method. We synthesize high optical purity building blocks through methods of biocatalytic preparations, which have become a commonly applied green technology. The mild reaction conditions and the biodegradability of the catalyst can eliminate toxic reagents and solvents, therefore reducing the production cost and environmental impact.

Advantages of Us

  • A comprehensive and advanced platform
  • Bioconjugation and synthesis optimization
  • Analytical development and quality control
  • Fast, customized, and reliable service

CD BioGlyco has numerous professional technicians and advanced experimental platforms to provide our custom building blocks synthesis with high quality. And multiple techniques such as LC-MS, NMR, and GC-MS are performed to analyze compounds after synthesis to ensure high purity. If you need any further information, please contact us and we will respond immediately.


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