Glycogenomics Platform

Glycogenomics Platform

What Is Glycogenomics?

Glycogene refers to genes related to glycan synthesis, such as glycosyltransferase, sulfotransferase, sugar nucleotide transporter, sugar nucleotide synthase, etc. At present, more than 180 human glycogenes have been identified, cloned, and characterized.

Genomics studies the total or part of an organism's genetic or epigenetic sequence information and explores the structure and function of these sequences as well as their downstream products. As the name implies, glycogenomics is the genomics related to glycosylation, which has important utility as a genome-mining approach in studying the characterization of protein glycosylation in organisms. It is a powerful tool for the study of the evolutionary lineage of glycan-protein linkages and has pivotal significance for the study of disease diagnosis and drug development based on sugar chains.

An evolutionary lineage of eukaryotic glycan-protein linkages.Fig.1 An evolutionary lineage of eukaryotic glycan-protein linkages. (West, et al., 2021)

Glycogenomics Platform at CD BioGlyco

CD BioGlyco has extensive experience in the field of glycogenomics. Based on the rapid development of genomics and glycomics, CD BioGlyco has established a high-quality research platform for glycogenomics. From glycogene editing to the discovery of disease-related glycogenes, we provide our clients with scientific one-stop services.

Our glycogenomics services.Fig.2 Our glycogenomics services. (CD BioGlyco)

Glycogene Editing Service

CD BioGlyco has a variety of technologies for glycogene editing, offers strategies for different glycogene editing, and provides glycogene engineering services for glycosylated transferases that are important in the glycosylation process.

Glycogene Delivery Service

CD BioGlyco has first-class technologies for glycogene delivery. We offer various carrier types by biological, chemical, or physical methods to tailor the most appropriate delivery strategy for our clients.

Glycogene Expression Profiling

Assessing the expression level of glycogenes is an important step in studying biological phenomena. CD BioGlyco provides the most advanced and accurate glycogene expression analysis service.

Cancer Glycogene Discovery Service

Malignant tumor transformation is closely related to abnormal glycosylation. CD BioGlyco provides glycogene discovery service to search for cancer biomarkers and potential drug targets and assists clients in the development of anti-tumor drugs targeting glycosylation.


  • Glycogene destruction, insertion, repair, modification, and deletion
  • Exert substantial phenotypic influence on glycosylated products at the genetic level
  • Decipheration of the function of glycosylation-related enzymes
  • Discovery of disease biomarkers
  • Production of improved therapeutic biologics


  • Precise technologies for glycogene editing
  • Various glycogene delivery systems
  • Efficient glycogene expression profiling service
  • Tailored experimental methods for specific needs
  • Extensive expertise and experienced technical team

CD BioGlyco has accumulated a wealth of experience in glycogenomics research. Relying on professional technology and quality service levels, our clients cover the world. We help our clients achieve breakthroughs in glycogenomics research and contribute to the development of life science. Please do not hesitate to contact us immediately.


  1. West, C.M.; et al. Glycomics, glycoproteomics, and glycogenomics: an inter-taxa evolutionary perspective. Molecular & Cellular Proteomics. 2021, 20: 100024.
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