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CD BioGlyco is a world-leading company that can provide the best solutions for global customers in the field of microarrays. We have successfully developed many Glycobiology Arrays and corresponding testing services to accelerate the high-throughput detection of glycosylated and glycosylated proteins in biological samples. We guarantee to provide first-class array screening service to customers all over the world. Research on understanding the role of carbohydrates in the pathophysiology of diseases has never stopped. The special glycan microarrays we provide can detect heparan sulfate, which has a high content in the cytoplasmic matrix, the high abundance of human milk oligosaccharides (HMO) in breast milk, and glycosphingolipids that are closely related to the nervous system. The study of these special glycosyls and glycoproteins will help accelerate the understanding of some physiological and pathological processes.

Introduction of Several Special Glycans

  • Heparan sulfate
  • Heparan sulfate is a sulfated, unbranched polysaccharide found on the cell surface and in the extracellular matrix. It interacts with a variety of proteins and is important for regulating many physiological and pathophysiological functions.

  • HMO
  • HMO is the third most abundant solid component in breast milk. These glycans are unique to human milk, which can protect newborns from diseases and infections, build healthy intestinal bacteria, and are essential for the development of the baby's brain, intestines and immune system.

  • Glycosphingolipids
  • The cells of the nervous system communicate and are recognized by the presence of multiple sialylated glycosphingolipids on the surface membrane. The types of gangliosides expressed by each cell are very important for brain function and will change dramatically during brain development.

  • Blood group antigens
  • Blood group antigens are glycan structures that exist in blood cells and various other proteins, tissues and secretions that determine blood types, and also indicate the presence of certain circulating antibodies that attack foreign blood antigens. According to the basic structure of blood antigens, they are mainly divided into A, B and O. The slight variation of antigen carbohydrate structure is further subdivided into different subtypes.

  • Bacterial glycan
  • Bacterial cell walls contain a variety of glycoproteins. These molecules play an important role in information transmission and environmental resistance with the host.

Special Glycan Arrays at CD BioGlyco

Our special glycan microarrays include HMO glycan Array, BGA glycan array, GSL array, heparan sulfate glycan array, glycosaminoglycan microarray and bacterial glycan array. They have their own application. Due to the popularity and versatility of heparan sulfate, studying the binding effects of this type of glycan has become invaluable for understanding how to fight related diseases. HMO analysis has been used to assess infants' digestive system development, the incidence of diarrhea, morbidity and mortality, body composition, and the risk of certain diseases. Abnormal changes in specific types of glycosphingolipids, such as truncation or overexpression, are all related to neurodegenerative diseases. Glycosaminoglycans are highly heterogeneous due to their different conformations, molecular weights and electrostatic potentials, and their specific composition is determined by the cell type, which requires more research to define. Blood group antigens not only help to identify blood type cross-reactivity in blood transfusion and transplantation but also participate in the mediation of pathogens, viruses and diseased cells.

CD BioGlyco provides high-quality analysis services of some special types of glycosylated proteins. With a large team of scientists and a well-equipped array production platform and testing experiment platform, we provide a comprehensive combination of laboratories and manufacturing services. Please contact us for more details.

Cat. No. Product Name Inquiry
CMA-BG-16 Bacterial Glycan Array
CMA-BGA-1 BGA Glycan Array
CMA-GAG-1 Glycosaminoglycan Aarray
CMA-GSL-1 Glycosphingolipid (GSL) Array
CMA-HMO-1 HMO Glycan Array
CMA-HS-1 Heparan Sulfate Glycan Array

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