LPA Receptor

Cat. No. Product Name Inquiry
X23-12-YM1030 ONO-7300243
X23-12-YM1144 Radioprotectin-1
X23-12-YM1146 AS2717638
X23-12-YM1153 ASP6432
X23-12-YM1352 LPA1 antagonist 1
X23-12-YM1353 LPA2 antagonist 1
X23-12-YM1407 BMS-986020 sodium
X23-12-YM459 Ki16425
X23-12-YM625 Ki16198
X23-12-YM632 SAR-100842
X23-12-YM854 AM095
X23-12-YM855 AM966
X23-12-YM873 AM095 free base
X23-12-YM952 GRI 977143

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