Soybean Polysaccharide Production

Soybean Polysaccharide Production

Soybean polysaccharides are widely used in food, biomaterials, biomedicine and other industries due to their excellent properties. CD BioGlyco has accumulated a lot of experience in the production and research of soybean polysaccharides, established a comprehensive research platform, and introduced a large number of professionals. We are confident to be your indispensable research assistant in the field of glycobiology.


Soybean Polysaccharide Production

Soybean (Glycine max) is used to provide protein or oil for human consumption. Okara, as a by-product of soybeans, was once considered a waste, but it is rich in active substances, such as protein, dietary fiber, polysaccharides and mineral matter. To avoid energy waste, okara is widely used as a source of polysaccharides, similar to soybean meal and soybean cotyledon. Soybean polysaccharide (SPS) is a component separated and extracted from okara, so far, soybean polysaccharide has been found to have many uses, and there is no report that SPS may cause adverse biological effects on humans.

Experts recommend increasing the intake of SPS to prevent certain diseases, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and hypercholesterolemia. SPS has a low viscosity and a refreshing taste, it is very suitable for use in the food industry, such as enhancing the stability of beverages, increasing the emulsification performance of acidic solution, and can be used as a biodegradable film in biomedicine. In addition, SPS is increasingly used for anti-cancer therapy or immunomodulation, thus receiving increasing attention from the market.

Schematic technical route for extraction and refining of SPS from soybeansFigure 1. Schematic technical route for extraction and refining of SPS from soybeans (Jia, X.J.; et al. 2015)


We have accumulated a lot of experience in soybean polysaccharide research, and established a complete production platform and research platform. The services we provide include but are not limited to the following aspects.

  • Large-scale production of soybean polysaccharides
  • Produced through degreasing, extraction, purification, sterilization, and drying processes. And our production platform has been upgraded and optimized many times, which can maximize the output from different raw materials.

  • Soybean polysaccharide production process research and development
  • According to demand, we provide process research and development, introduce advanced novel technologies, and determine the best process parameters to increase yield and shorten production time.

  • Soybean polysaccharide analysis
  • In addition to the production of soybean polysaccharides, we also provide research-oriented customers with multi-faceted analysis services for SPS. We have the most comprehensive saccharide analysis platform, including NMR, GC-MS, etc., and we can make experimental programs according to customer needs.


  • Soybean polysaccharide mass production
  • Development and optimization of soybean polysaccharide production process
  • Soybean polysaccharide characterization
  • Food ingredient development
  • Biomaterial development
  • Biomedical research

Advantages of Us

  • Guaranteed quality
  • High experiment repeatability
  • Perfect production process
  • Advanced and mature characterization platform
  • Develop different experimental schemes for different projects
  • Cost-effective

CD BioGlyco provides different and high-quality services for customers with different research needs. Our high-quality services have won us a lot of praise in the international arena.

Customers can contact our employees directly and we will respond promptly. If you are interested in our services, please contact us for more detailed information.


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