Glycopeptide-based Vaccine Development

Glycopeptide-based Vaccine Development

CD BioGlyco has many years of successful experience in the field of glycodesign and complex glycopeptide synthesis for vaccine development. We can customize systematic solutions according to customers' scientific research needs. We have the confidence to be your essential research assistant in the field of glycobiology. 


In cancer treatment, therapeutic antibodies can be directed against factors overexpressed in tumor cells or loaded with cytotoxic drugs. However, no active immunity against tumor diseases has been achieved so far. Unlike microorganisms, tumors are endogenous tissues, so they are protected by the self-tolerance of the immune system.

For the immune system to overcome this fundamental problem, it must be activated to distinguish the altered-self structures exposed on malignant cells' surface. In order to develop an active vaccine against cancer, it is necessary to determine the typical altered-self structures of tumor cells. Tumor-associated mucin MUC1 is this atypical cancer antigen. It is a highly glycosylated protein that is expressed in many epithelial tissues. Due to its dense glycosylation, MUC1's peptide backbone cannot be accessed by the immune system. Incomplete or truncated glycan structures that are usually terminated by sialic acid play a key role in tumorigenesis, development and metastasis.

Since it is impossible to isolate pure tumor-associated MUC1 antigen from tumor cells, it must be obtained by synthesis. However, these synthetic glycopeptides are endogenous and hence not sufficiently immunogenic structures. Therefore, in antitumor vaccines, tumor-associated MUC1 glycopeptides must be combined with immunostimulatory components to destroy the self-tolerance of the immune system.  

Structural differences between normal and tumor-associated MUC1 (Beckwith, D.M.; Cudic, M. 2020)Fig 1. Structural differences between normal and tumor-associated MUC1 (Beckwith, D.M.; Cudic, M. 2020)

Glycopeptide-based Vaccine Development


The future of immunotherapy lies in various drug combinations that regulate the tumor microenvironment and enhance natural cancer immune surveillance. For an ideal method, the candidate vaccine should trigger both humoral and cellular immunity to produce an effective MUC1 anticancer immune response. In the immunodominant MUC1 peptide epitope, the type of glycan, attachment site and/or glycosylation-induced conformational changes will play a key role in realizing the full potential of the MUC1 glycopeptide anticancer vaccine.

CD BioGlyco designed the glycopeptide-based vaccine development service platform to better initiate the immune response. In addition to designing and synthesizing antigens, our vaccine design solutions can also provide many carriers (bacterial toxins and virus-like particle) and antigen-enhancing adjuvants such as adjuvants targeting pattern recognition receptors [Toll-like receptors (TLRs) and CLRs], and novel delivery systems, such as self-assembly, liposomes, nanoparticles, and polymers, which can deliver more effectively and provide additional stimuli.


  • Immunology research
  • Study the effect of glycosylation on protein structure and function at the molecular level
  • Disease treatment and new immune drug development
  • In-depth understanding of the nature and function of protein glycosylation

Advantages of Us

  • Stable and reliable glycopeptide synthesis platform, providing multiple synthetic routes
  • The diversity of carriers and delivery systems greatly improves the effectiveness of the immune response
  • Custom vaccine development services
  • Systematic operation and powerful analysis platform

CD BioGlyco is committed to high-quality glycopeptide-based vaccine development, and the various solutions we provide, such as carriers, nanoparticles, liposomes, etc., can greatly enhance the effectiveness of your vaccines. We have provided solutions for many scientists all over the world, high-quality and efficient services have won us a lot of praise.

Customers can contact our employees directly and we will respond promptly. If you are interested in our services, please contact us for more detailed information.


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