Discovery of Cancer Glucose Metabolism Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibodies

Discovery of Cancer Glucose Metabolism Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibodies

Discovery of Cancer Glucose Metabolism Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibodies

A formidable challenge in cancer therapy is the indiscriminate attack of cancer drugs on differentiated cancer cells and normal somatic cells, resulting in intolerable side effects. However, monoclonal antibodies are unique molecules that can be designed to target cancer cells for use in tumor diagnosis and therapy. The discovery of monoclonal antibodies has changed the mode of tumor treatment. From the approval of the first anti-cancer monoclonal antibody to the present, anti-cancer monoclonal antibodies have shown great development potential in the field of cancer treatment. As a professional cancer glucose metabolism reprogramming researcher, CD BioGlyco is committed to helping biopharmaceutical companies and biological scientists develop monoclonal antibodies targeting cancer glucose metabolism reprogramming.

Why Focus on Cancer Glucose Metabolism Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibodies

Reprogramming of energy metabolism in cancer cells has become an important aspect of cancer treatment, and many therapeutic drugs targeting cancer metabolic pathways are currently in clinical trials. Among them, glucose metabolism reprogramming is the main manifestation of energy metabolism reprogramming. With the deepening of the research on glucose metabolism in cancer cells, many potential therapeutic targets for glucose metabolism have been discovered. The development of monoclonal antibodies targeting the reprogramming of cancer glucose metabolism takes advantage of the difference in glucose metabolism-dependent patterns between cancer cells and normal cells and has tumor specificity. At the same time, the metabolic heterogeneity of cancer cell subsets also provides a broad space for the development of anti-cancer monoclonal antibodies related to glucose metabolism.

Our Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibody Production Workflow

The workflow of therapeutic monoclonal antibody productionFig. 1 The workflow of therapeutic monoclonal antibody production

Our Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibody Development Timeline

The timeline of therapeutic monoclonal antibody development Fig. 2 The timeline of therapeutic monoclonal antibody development

What We Can Do in Characterization of Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibodies

Pharmacokinetic evaluation. We are able to provide a pharmacokinetic evaluation of monoclonal antibodies targeting glucose metabolism reprogramming and other monoclonal antibody-based biologics, such as antibody-drug conjugates and bispecific antibodies.

Preclinical safety assessment. We offer general toxicology studies in rodents and non-rodents, target binding assays, and functional activity analysis in the respiratory, nervous system, and cardiovascular pharmacology.

T-cell-dependent antibody response. We measure the level of antibody response in animals receiving the monoclonal antibody tested to assess the immunomodulatory effect of the monoclonal antibody.

Toxicology dosing analysis. We offer administration at three dose levels and analyze the safety pharmacology endpoints of monoclonal antibodies.

Immunogenicity analysis. Anti-Drug antibody production neutralizes the antibody and leads to the formation of immune complexes, therefore, we offer immunogenicity assays for monoclonal antibodies.

Carcinogenicity Analysis. Studies have found that biotherapeutics have the risk of promoting cancer, and their effects on immune regulation may lead to tumor development. Therefore, we provide the carcinogenicity analysis of monoclonal antibodies .

Why Choose Us

  • We are able to provide bispecific antibody preparation services targeting multiple glucose metabolism pathways.
  • We can meet the urgent needs of our customers, and we can obtain screening-positive monoclonal strains as soon as one month.
  • Based on the MOPCGM platform, we have the ability to provide high-throughput screening of therapeutic targets of monoclonal antibodies against glucose metabolism pathways.

CD BioGlyco can provide therapeutic monoclonal antibody R&D and production services for cancer glucose metabolism pathways. Our experienced teams of scientists, researchers, and technicians provide fast turnaround, high-quality services at competitive prices for worldwide customers. Our customers have direct access to our staff and prompt feedback on their inquiries. If you are interested in our services, please contact us for more details.

This service is for Research Use Only, not intended for any clinical use.

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