Glycomic Characterization Service

Glycomic Characterization Service

Glycomic Characterization Service

Carbohydrates are involved in most biological processes in cells, and any alterations in glycan structure or composition may be a cause or consequential attribute of biochemical imbalance. Therefore in current glycobiology research, it is increasingly significant to understand the structural details of biologically important polysaccharides. During the past years, sophisticated mass spectrometry techniques and instrumentation have been developed rapidly in the biomedical field. While these developments have been driven primarily by the demand in the fields of protein science and proteomic research, contemporary glycobiology has also benefited from these developments.

Characterization of the glycome is a key part of understanding the biological basis of health and disease. A number of technologies and methods have been developed to help decipher glycosylation and elucidate glycomic changes. At present, novel mass analyzers and tandem mass spectrometry techniques are now being used to determine the sequence, linkage, chain branching, and other aspects of oligosaccharide structures with unprecedented sensitivity and mass resolution.


CD BioGlyco has made significant progress in the development of powerful structural tools to probe even the most complex structural properties of various intracellular and intercellular signaling and regulation. We offer a wide range of services to our clients in the field of glycomics including glycan profiling, glycan sequencing, and glycan structure analysis.

Advantages of Us

  • High throughput and automated facility
  • Professional and experienced R&D team
  • Precise glycan structural analysis results
  • Systematic and powerful analysis platform
  • Detailed experimental guidance

With an advanced mass spectrometry platform and professional scientific staff, CD BioGlyco has accumulated a wealth of experience in providing glycomics characterization services. We are well-positioned to provide efficient and reliable services to accelerate our clients' scientific research by reducing project timelines. Please feel free to contact us if you have a demand for our services, and we will reply as soon as possible.


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