TGF-β-Smad Inhibitor

Cat. No. Product Name Inquiry
X23-12-YM004 LDN-212854
X23-12-YM006 ITD-1
X23-12-YM007 Kartogenin
X23-12-YM012 LY364947
X23-12-YM017 SD-208
X23-12-YM018 F9995-0144
X23-12-YM020 ML347
X23-12-YM022 K02288
X23-12-YM026 Alantolactone
X23-12-YM031 SB-505124 HCl
X23-12-YM041 SIS3
X23-12-YM042 (+)-ITD 1
X23-12-YM046 Chebulinic acid
X23-12-YM047 Pirfenidone
X23-12-YM048 SRI-011381 hydrochloride
X23-12-YM053 LY 3200882
X23-12-YM054 BIBF0775
X23-12-YM056 TGFβRI-IN-1

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