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Dirithromycin is an organic compound that belongs to the macrolide group of antibiotics. Dirithromycin exerts varying degrees of inhibitory effects on most bacteria, so it can be used to fight mild to moderate infections caused by susceptible organisms. CD BioGlyco is a specialized biotechnology company with state-of-the-art Pharmaceutical Analysis technology. We provide custom dirithromycin analysis services according to our client's needs.

Professional Dirithromycin Analysis at CD BioGlyco

  • Specific rotation
    Dirithromycin is dissolved and diluted using methanol, and then, its specific rotation is tested using a spinometer.
  • Identification
    Infrared spectroscopy: The infrared spectrum of the sample is compared to the infrared spectrum of the dirithromycin standard. If the plots agree, then this sample is dirithromycin.
  • Isomerization analysis
    Liquid chromatography: We will dissolve dirithromycin using a mobile phase and the retention times of the peaks at different wavelengths are detected in the chromatograph. Finally, the presence of isomers in dirithromycin is analyzed based on the retention times of the peaks. The usual isomers of dirithromycin are 9-(S)-erythromycin and 16S-dirithromycin isomers.
  • Content testing
    The sample of dirithromycin is dissolved and diluted with acetonitrile-methanol and the chromatogram is determined. The peak areas in the spectra are calculated according to the external standard method and then we will calculate the mass of dirithromycin according to the formula.

Fig.1 Dirithromycin analysis services. (CD BioGlyco)Fig.1 Dirithromycin analysis services. (CD BioGlyco)

In addition, dirithromycin is capable of being manufactured into dirithromycin delayed-release tablets for use in medical field. CD BioGlyco also provides a comprehensive analysis of the dirithromycin delayed-release tablets based on the methodology described above.

Publication Data

Technology: Experimental crystallization, Theoretical simulation techniques

Journal: Journal of Crystal Growth

IF: 1.8

Published: 2017

Results: In this thesis, the authors have researched the effect of different solvents on the crystal structure and morphology of the digitoxin molecule by experimental crystallization and theoretical simulations. The authors crystallized the dextromycin molecule in different solvents by solvent evaporation and measured the crystal structures by X-ray diffraction. The authors compared these crystal structures of solvent compounds of dirithromycin and analyzed the structural evolution determined by the nature of the solvent. Due to intermolecular interactions, there is a strong interaction between the solvent and the erythromycin molecule. The authors calculated the ideal crystalline habit of the geosmin molecule based on solvated structures with an attachment growth model. In this work, a better understanding of the structural and morphological evolution of solvent-controlled solvates is facilitated and guides the crystallization of active pharmaceutical ingredients in the pharmaceutical industry.


  • We have cutting-edge pharmaceutical analysis technologies to analyze the structure, physicochemical properties, and biological functions of pharmaceuticals with high efficiency and quality.
  • Our R&D team provides custom Pharmaceutical and Biological Analysis solutions to meet the needs of our clients.
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CD BioGlyco has scientists and teams that specialize in pharmaceutical analysis for the structure and function of a wide range of pharmaceuticals. If you would like to inquire about specific pharmaceutical analysis services, please feel free to contact us.


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