Manufacturing of Carbohydrate-based Delivery Systems

Manufacturing of Carbohydrate-based Delivery Systems

CD BioGlyco focuses on research in the field of glycobiology, including manufacturing of carbohydrate-based delivery, which functions in targeted controlled drug delivery, immunology, and vaccine development. We are confident to provide our customers with professional, efficient, and reliable services to accelerate their scientific research.

Clinical Value of Carbohydrate-based Delivery Systems

Carbohydrates include monosaccharides, oligosaccharides, and polysaccharides. They are very suitable as building blocks for delivery systems because of their massive molecular structure and ability to capture bioactive. They have attracted extensive attention in the transmission of bioactive substances. Natural and modified polysaccharides are not only promising carriers for nano- and micro-encapsulation of active food ingredients but are also widely used as efficient delivery systems in pharmaceutical and other industries.

Carbohydrate-mediated delivery has the advantage of site-specificity/cell specificity. For example, glycopolymers containing fucosamine and galactose were targeted at mouse leukemia L1210 cells and hepatocytes, respectively. These specific carbohydrate-based interactions can be used as gene or drug delivery carriers. The special interaction between carbohydrates and proteins also promotes the application of carbohydrate polymers as special enzyme inhibitors and in the treatment of infectious diseases. Carbohydrate-based delivery systems are now successfully used to deliver macromolecular drugs, antigens and potential therapeutic drug candidates.

Representative examples for  amphiphilic drug delivery system as nanocarriers based cyclodextrin. Fig.1 Representative examples for amphiphilic drug delivery system as nanocarriers based cyclodextrin. (Liu, 2016)


There is a variety of building blocks and manufacturing methods that can be used to create carbohydrate-based delivery systems. CD BioGlyco is proficient at developing delivery systems using the most appropriate combination of compounds and procedures. To support carbohydrate-based delivery system development, we provide comprehensive services, including but not limited to:

  • Manufacturing of carbohydrate-based delivery system through a variety of methods, including coacervation, electrospinning, spray drying, supercritical fluid, electrospray, emulsion-diffusion, emulsion-droplet coalescence, salting-out, reverse micelle, ultrasonication, emulsification/solvent evaporation, and high-pressure homogenization.
  • Toxicity experiments and residual solvent analysis of the carbohydrate-based delivery system.
  • Purification and preservation of carbohydrate-based delivery systems, especially nanocapsules.


  • Nanoencapsulation of food ingredients using carbohydrate-based delivery systems
  • Development of novel drug delivery systems
  • Applications in drug delivery, cancer, vaccine development, HIV, and various other diseases

Advantages of Us

  • Attention to compliance
  • Innovative and professional research teams
  • Biocompatible and biodegradable products
  • Detailed after-sales service

As the world's leading independent biotechnology company, CD BioGlyco aims to provide high-quality products and personalized services, while providing flexibility and guidance to meet customers’ needs. If you are interested in our carbohydrate-based delivery system manufacturing services, please contact us for any further information.


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