Sialic Acid Glycoengineering

Sialic Acid Glycoengineering

Glycoengineering is an important strategy, changing protein-associated carbohydrates to alter the pharmacokinetic properties of proteins. CD BioGlyco has extensive experience in the field of glycoscience and has gained significant experience and expertise in glycoengineering. CD BioGlyco has established several efficient glycoengineering expression systems. Our expression systems provide a novel class of therapeutic glycoproteins with tailored functions. In addition to in vivo glycoengineering in different expression systems, we also perform in vitro glycoengineering of antibodies using a chemoenzymatic approach.


Sialic acids cap the glycans of cell surface glycoproteins and glycolipids. They are involved in a multitude of biological processes and aberrant sialic acid expression is associated with several pathologies. Sialic acids modulate the characteristics and functions of glycoproteins and regulate cell-cell as well as cell-extracellular matrix interactions.

Sialic acid glycoengineering, the introduction of unnatural sialic acids with different chemical properties into sialoglycans, is an approach that is increasingly applied in the field of glycoscience and beyond. Chemically modified analogs of N-acetylmannosamine, the biological precursor of sialic acid, or sialic acid analogs are introduced into the metabolic sialic acid biosynthesis pathway resulting in their incorporation into sialoglycans. With enough biology added to the mix to firmly establish this methodology as a potent new tool for the experimental glycobiologist and pique the interest of the clinician.

Metabolic sialic acid glycoengineering.Fig.1 Metabolic sialic acid glycoengineering. (Du, et al., 2009)

Sialic Acid Glycoengineering Services

With many years of experience in glycoengineering, CD BioGlyco has solved various shortcomings of the expression systems and brought customers high-quality cell lines to produce glycoproteins. We have the confidence to be your essential research assistant in the field of glycobiology.

Advantages of Us

  • Production of glycoproteins with different sialic acid according to customer requirements
  • Ensuring the amount and purity of glycoprotein delivered
  • High stability and consistency of experimental results
  • Customize experimental programs according to research needs

CD BioGlyco has the world's leading sialic acid glycoengineering technologies and has accumulated many years of successful experience in the sialic acid glycoengineering study. We have combined glycosylate glycoprotein strategy and various detection techniques to make the production more efficient, our professional scientific researchers tailor solutions according to your needs. We hope to start the exploration of glycobiology with you. If you are interested in our services, please contact us for more detailed information.


  1. Du, J.; et al. Metabolic glycoengineering: sialic acid and beyond. Glycobiology. 2009,19(12): 1382-1401.
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