Plant Lectin Production Service

Plant Lectin Production Service

Plant lectin is widely found in seeds, leaves, roots, and fruits of plants and has a variety of biological functions. It usually consists of one or more lectin domains that recognize specific sugar chain structures. CD BioGlyco has rich experience and advanced lectin production technology to provide a full range of plant lectin production services. We also provide other high-quality Natural Lectin Production Services, including Animal Lectin Production Services and Fungal Lectin Production Services. Our production services are designed to meet our clients' needs for high-quality, high-purity, high-efficiency lectin.

Plant Lectin Production Service at CD BioGlyco

The extraction and isolation of plant lectin is the initial step in producing lectin. Lectin extraction is usually achieved using different methods of diffusion in aqueous solution and ammonium sulfate precipitation. Depending on the plant source and different properties of the lectin, CD BioGlyco provides a variety of methods or combinations to perform this step. Common methods and their brief operation procedures are as follows.

  • Soaking method. The soaking method involves grinding the required plants into a powder using a grinder and filtering them with coarse sand through a specific mesh. After mixing the powder with NaCl, it is filtered through another mesh. Following this step, the filtrate undergoes centrifugation, and the resulting supernatant is fractionated using ammonium sulfate, starting from low to high saturation. Finally, the supernatants are combined and subjected to dialysis.
  • Degreasing method. In the degreasing method, the powder is degreased multiple times with a specific proportion of oil. After evaporation and removal, the degreased powder is obtained. This defatted flour is then mixed with sodium chloride, filtered, and subjected to centrifugation for precipitation, followed by dialysis.
  • Homogenization method. The homogenization method involves immersing the desired plants in NaCl for a specific duration and then homogenizing them in a blender. The resulting homogenate is re-spread onto the plants and filtered through a mesh. Subsequently, the filtrate undergoes centrifugation, and the supernatant is precipitated by layering it with ammonium sulfate.

Fig.1 Methods of plant lectin extraction and isolation. (CD BioGlyco)Fig.1 Methods of plant lectin extraction and isolation. (CD BioGlyco)

After lectin completes the extraction and separation steps, it is purified through chromatography-based methods to obtain higher-purity lectin.

The lectin production services we offer are summarized in the table below. We also provide clients with customized services for lectin production.

Plant Lectin Production Service at CD BioGlyco
Abrus precatorius Lectin Aegopodium podagraria Lectin Allium sativum Lectin
Amaranthus caudatus Lectin Arachis hypogaea Lectin Artocarpus integrifolia Lectin
Arum maculatum Lectin Astragalus mongholicus Root Lectin Bauhinia purpurea Lectin
Bryonia dioica Lectin Canavalia ensiformis Lectin Caragana arborescens Lectin
Cicer arietinum Lectin Colchicum autumnale Lectin Cytisus scoparius Lectin
Datura stramonium Lectin Dioclea grandiflora Lectin Dolichos bifloru Lectin
Erythrina cristagalli Lectin Euonymus europaeus Lectin Galanthus nivalis Lectin
Glechoma hederacea Lectin Glycine max Lectin Griffonia simplicifolia Lectin
Hibiscus mutabilis Seed Lectin Iberis amara Lectin Laburnum alpinuam Lectin
Lens culinaris Lectin Lotus tetragonolobus Lectin Lycopersicon esculentum Lectin
Maackia amurensis Lectin Maclura pomifera Lectin Mangifera indica Lectin
Musa paradisiaca Lectin Morniga Lectin Narcissus pseudonarcissus Lectin
Perseau americana Lectin Phaseolus lunatus Lectin Phaseolus vulgaris Lectin
Phytolacca americana Lectin Pisum sativum Lectin Polygonatum multiflorum Lectin
Psophocarpus tetragonolobus Lectin Ricinus communis Lectin Remusatia vivipara Tuber Lectin
Robinia pseudoacacia Lectin Salvia sclarea Lectin Sambucus nigra Lectin
Solanum tuberosum Lectin Sophora japonica Lectin Trichosanthes kirilowii Lectin
Trifolium repens Lectin Triticum vulgare Lectin Ulex europaeus Lectin
Urtica dioica Lectin Vicia faba Lectin Vicia villosa Lectin
Vigna radiata Lectin Viscum album Lectin Wisteria floribunda Lectin

Applications of Plant Lectin

  • Plant lectin can recognize and bind to sugar chains, thereby affecting cell growth and apoptosis. Scientists can use plant lectin to study the role of sugar chain structure in the process of apoptosis and further reveal the mechanism of apoptosis.
  • Plant lectin can be used to detect and purify glycosylated immune cells, and to study the role of glycosylation in immune cell recognition and signaling. This makes it an important tool for studying the immune system.
  • Plant lectin can be used to detect and identify pathogenic bacteria, and to study the interaction between pathogenic bacteria and plants. This makes it an important tool for studying plant pathology.
  • Plant lectin can recognize specific glycosylated molecules, making it a useful tool for drug screening and development.

Advantages of Us

  • We provide tailored modifications or derivatizations of plant lectin to suit specific experimental or industrial requirements.
  • We provide extensive information and support regarding the diverse applications of plant lectin.
  • We provide efficient plant lectin production and delivery schedules, ensuring timely supply to clients without compromising on quality.

As a professional company in the field of glycobiology, CD BioGlyco provides a full range of Lectin Production Services with excellent technical strength and deep professional knowledge. Plant lectin production service is one of our unique services where we utilize advanced biotechnology to extract and purify high-quality lectins from various plants. In addition, we also provide customized plant lectin production services to meet the diverse needs of clients. If you would like to know more details about our plant lectin production services, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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