Beta-secretase (BACE)

Cat. No. Product Name Inquiry
X23-12-YM087 LY2886721
X23-12-YM131 LY2811376
X23-12-YM139 BACE1-IN-1
X23-12-YM140 Lanabecestat
X23-12-YM158 AZD3839
X23-12-YM221 AMG-8718
X23-12-YM222 Timosaponin b-II
X23-12-YM266 Verubecestat
X23-12-YM313 BACE1-IN-4
X23-12-YM321 Umibecestat
X23-12-YM323 BACE1-IN-2
X23-12-YM324 Elenbecestat
X23-12-YM334 BACE-1 inhibitor 1
X23-12-YM344 PF-06751979
X23-12-YM351 LX2343
X23-12-YM381 β-Secretase inhibitor IV
X23-12-YM391 AZD3839 free base
X23-12-YM411 Atabecestat

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