Characterization of Glycosylation in Drugs

Characterization of Glycosylation in Drugs

Glycosylation has an impact on the efficacy and safety of many biological drugs. CD BioGlyco is a leader in the field of glycosylation characterization, and we have established a comprehensive Glycoproteomics Platform to help customers analyze the glycosylation of antibody drugs and protein drugs.


Biological drugs occupy an increasingly important position in the drug market. Biopharmaceuticals have proven particularly promising in the treatment of non-communicable diseases such as cancer, anemia, and rheumatoid arthritis, and are also applied in vaccines. Most biologics have fewer adverse effects than traditional small-molecule drugs. Glycosylation is a common post-translational modification (PTM) in biopharmaceuticals, which greatly affects the immunogenicity, solubility, and serum half-life of drugs, thereby affecting their efficacy and clinical safety. The analysis of glycosylation in biopharmaceuticals presents obstacles due to the complexity and microheterogeneity of glycoproteins. To overcome the difficulties of drug glycosylation analysis, the biopharmaceutical industry is adopting new techniques to optimize the characterization of glycosylation in drugs.

Fig.1 Role of glycans in cancer development and progression.Fig.1 Role of glycans in cancer development and progression. (Cai, 2018)

Glycosylation Related Drugs

At present, there are some important biological drugs on the market, such as hyaluronic acid for the treatment of arthritis. For instance, there are structural analogs of sialic acid that inhibit the activity of influenza virus neuraminidase. Natural heparin and synthetic heparin oligosaccharides are widely used clinically as anticoagulants. Many recombinant drugs are glycoproteins, such as monoclonal antibodies, whose biological activities are closely related to glycan glycoforms. When the glycan glycoforms are incorrect, it may cause a harmful immune response. The importance of glycobiology has been recognized, and more glycosylation-related drugs are gradually moving to market.

Our Characterization Services

CD BioGlyco uses an advanced and unique technology platform to perform comprehensive glycosylation analysis of biopharmaceuticals. This leads to a better understanding of drug structure and function. We are proud to offer a characterization of glycosylation in antibody drugs and protein drugs.

CD BioGlyco has developed a complete drug glycosylation characterization solution to help customers explore the close relationship between glycosylation modification and precision medicine. We provide our customers with high-quality, cost-effective, and hassle-free services. If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us, we are looking forward to being your indispensable assistant in this field.


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