Ferrous Sulfate Syrup Analysis Service

Ferrous Sulfate Syrup Analysis Service

Ferrous Sulfate Syrup Analysis Based on Our Powerful Pharmaceutical Analysis Service

Enhance your Pharmaceutical Analysis journey with CD BioGlyco's service for analyzing ferrous sulfate syrup. We provide comprehensive analysis services tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our proficiency extends to Pharmaceutical and Biological Analysis services, ensuring a holistic approach to your analytical requirements. With a focus on precision and reliability, we offer a range of tests, including identification tests for iron, ferrous salts, and sulfate, employing the direct titration method. Choose CD BioGlyco for unparalleled excellence in pharmaceutical analysis, addressing every facet of your analytical needs.

Fig.1 The structure of ferrous sulfate. (CD BioGlyco)Fig.1 The structure of ferrous sulfate. (CD BioGlyco)

Restoring iron, a crucial element in hemoglobin, myoglobin, and various enzymes, ferrous sulfate is employed to prevent and fight iron deficiency anemia in both adults and children. Commonly, each 100 mL of ferrous sulfate syrup contains a minimum of 3.75 g and a maximum of 4.25 g of ferrous sulfate heptahydrate (FeSO4·7H2O), corresponding to a minimum of 0.75 g and a maximum of 0.85 g of elemental iron.

Our analysis service for ferrous sulfate syrup adheres to a rigorous process, guaranteeing precise and dependable results. The workflow encompasses several key steps.

Fig.2 The workflow of ferrous sulfate syrup analysis. (CD BioGlyco)Fig.2 The workflow of ferrous sulfate syrup analysis. (CD BioGlyco)

  • Sample preparation: This initial phase involves preparing the sample of ferrous sulfate syrup for analysis.
  • Blank preparation: The blank solution is prepared to serve as a reference point for the titration process.
  • Titrimetric system preparation: The titrimetric system is set up, involving the apparatus and reagents necessary for the titration process.
  • Titration analysis: The actual titration process takes place, where a standardized solution is slowly added to the sample until a reaction endpoint is reached.
  • Further performance test: We also provide additional atomic absorption spectrophotometry.

Publication Data

Technology: Ferrous sulfate, Iron deficiency anemia, Statistical analysis

Journal: Pediatrics International

IF: 1.4

Published: 2020

Results: In the study involving 100 screened children, 21 aged 6-17 months received treatment, with 19 analyzed at month 3. One patient continued treatment for an additional 3 months. At month 3, mean ± SD Hb and ferritin levels were 12.0 ± 0.7 g/dL and 31.5 ± 19.4 ng/mL. Hemoglobin normalized in 95% of patients, while ferritin normalized in 84%. Treatment compliance and satisfaction levels were high, and 33.3% experienced adverse events, with only 4.8% related to the drug (upper abdominal pain).


  • Our ferrous sulfate syrup analysis service helps clients meet specific standards for ferrous sulfate syrup production and verifies the concentration of ferrous sulfate heptahydrate to meet specified limits.
  • Our ferrous sulfate syrup analysis service analyzes the formulation for consistency and quality during research and development, which assesses the elemental iron content for accurate dosing in potential new formulations.
  • Our ferrous sulfate syrup analysis service evaluates the quality and stability of ferrous sulfate syrup used in clinical trials and monitors the elemental iron levels to ensure proper dosage and efficacy.

CD BioGlyco's dedication to quality and accuracy is evident at every stage of our ferrous sulfate syrup analysis service, delivering clients trustworthy data for their pharmaceutical analysis requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a custom quote for your analysis needs and more detailed information.


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This service is for Research Use Only, not intended for any clinical use.

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