Custom Glycoprotein Synthesis

Custom Glycoprotein Synthesis

The synthesis of well-defined glycoproteins with high purity is essential for studying biological processes mediated by them. CD BioGlyco has accumulated a lot of successful experience and can provide a variety of distinct glycoproteins synthesis services. We look forward to being your essential research assistant in the field of glycoproteins and accelerating your research.


Glycoproteins are complex sugars formed by branching oligosaccharide chains covalently linked to polypeptide chains. In most cases, the content of sugar is less than that of protein. In glycoproteins, the composition of sugars is often complex, including mannose, galactose, fucose, glucosamine, galactosamine, sialic acid, etc. The ubiquity of glycoproteins in nature reflects their broad functions in biological processes, including cell adhesion, signal transduction, host-pathogen interaction, and immune response. The glycans of each glycoprotein may have many different glycoforms and they are difficult to separate.

There seems to be no relevant mechanism for proofreading and correcting differently glycosylated biomolecules, glycoproteins occur naturally in several forms (glycoforms). Therefore, there is an urgent need for well-defined homogenous glycoproteins. In recent years, attractive and emerging methods for the synthesis of these compounds have been developed. The method of combined site-directed mutagenesis and chemical modification strategy can realize the site-selective synthesis and the determination of precise structure-activity relationships. This general and powerful method enables researchers to explore glycoprotein at a deeper level.

Chemical structure of human chorionic  gonadotropin (HCG) glycoprotein hormone. Fig.1 Chemical structure of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) glycoprotein hormone.

Synthesis strategies

CD BioGlyco focuses on the research and development of glycoprotein synthesis strategies. Our researchers have established a variety of efficient chemical and chemoenzymatic synthesis methods for the custom synthesis of high purity and quality glycoproteins. We have accumulated extensive experience in synthesizing glycoproteins with well-defined structures and biological functions.

Advantages of Us

  • Capable of synthesizing various complex glycoproteins
  • Advanced synthesis technology platforms and professional research teams
  • Strict quality control and detailed after-sales service
  • Highly flexible synthesis strategies

CD BioGlyco adopts a variety of advanced chemical and chemoenzymatic synthesis techniques to provide custom synthesis of high-quality, homogeneous glycoproteins for customers around the world, which facilitates subsequent structural and functional analysis of glycoproteins. If you have relevant scientific needs, Please feel free to contact us.


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