De Novo Glycan Display

De Novo Glycan Display

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CD BioGlyco has constructed a Glycan Display Platform to provide systematic glycan display as well as glycan microarray construction services. To provide good control over the structure of glycans and to enable glycans to be presented on the cell surface, we have developed a de novo glycan display method. That is, we use lipid insertion, liposome fusion, or protein coupling to insert glycan or glycomimetic structures directly into the plasma membrane to achieve the goal of regulating cell surface glycans.

  • We incubate synthetic glycan mimics with cells so that the glycan-mimetic structure is inserted into the cell membrane, causing the cell surface to display a specific glycan structure. For example, we incubate a glycan mimic containing each antigen type with erythrocytes, inserting the glycan-like structure into the plasma membrane of the erythrocyte, displaying artificially remodeled erythrocytes.
  • We provide the insertion of glycan structures to influence the immune response of cells. We use glycans containing terminal phospholipids to anchor specific glycan structures to the cell surface. Then the cells are incubated with immune cells and the immune activity of the cell is detected using flow cytometry.
  • We provide methods for the coupling of glycans of different lengths with phospholipids and thus insertion into cell membranes. At the same time, we employ scanning electron microscopy (SEM) to detect the binding of the glycan to the cell surface. For example, we detect the distance between the cell surface and the extracellular matrix after insertion of the glycan, which further provides an analysis of the active signaling nodes on the cell surface.

Fig.1 Schematic presentation of phage display systems. (Bazan, et al., 2012)Fig.1 De novo glycan display services. (CD BioGlyco)

We offer the following services based on the functions displayed in the de novo glycan.


Technology: De novo glycan display

Journal: Cell Chemical Biology

IF: 8.6

Published: 2016

Results: The de novo glycan display provides a robust, generic approach to directing key signaling events and biological outcomes like immunological responses, tumor proliferation, and stem cell differentiation. The modular design of the technology provides a versatile platform for testing the numerous glycan structures and presentations that are best suited for the target biological system. In addition, the method permits the controlled display of large polysaccharides, which is not available with other forms of glycan engineering.

De novo display of cell-surface glycans. (Griffin and Wilson, 2016)Fig.2 De novo display of cell-surface glycans. (Griffin & Wilson, 2016)


  • De novo glycan display can be used to modulate and redesign different structures of cell surface glycans, thus providing a powerful means for the molecular mechanisms underlying signal transduction events and their downstream cellular consequences.
  • De novo glycan display works by passively inserting lipid-anchored glycans into the membrane in a follower glycan display, so it can be used to control biological responses.
  • De novo glycan display helps prevent cellular rejection during transplantation.


  • We offer de novo glycan display methods that are not limited by the conditions of natural enzymes, and it has a much wider range of applications.
  • We have a powerful glycan display platform, which covers all aspects of glycan display services. For example, immobilization of glycans, construction of glycan microarrays, and so on.
  • We have the world's leading glycan biology technology to provide high-quality custom glycan display services to our clients.

CD BioGlyco has a specialized glycobiology R&D team composed of experts in the field. We are dedicated to research in glycan display and hope to be the right hand of every client. If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us.


  1. Griffin, M.E.; Hsieh-Wilson, L.C. Glycan engineering for cell and developmental biology. Cell Chemical Biology. 2016, 23(1): 108-121.
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