S1P Receptor

Cat. No. Product Name Inquiry
X23-12-YM1110 Fingolimod
X23-12-YM1136 ASP1126
X23-12-YM1190 ASP-4058
X23-12-YM1230 VPC 23019
X23-12-YM1259 S1p receptor agonist 1
X23-12-YM1262 CYM-5541
X23-12-YM1270 W146
X23-12-YM1286 GSK2018682
X23-12-YM1311 Cenerimod
X23-12-YM1354 FTY720 (S)-phosphate
X23-12-YM1362 PF429242 dihydrochloride
X23-12-YM1447 CYM50308
X23-12-YM1448 NIBR-0213
X23-12-YM1470 JTE-013
X23-12-YM452 FTY720
X23-12-YM638 TY-52156
X23-12-YM678 ABC294640
X23-12-YM710 BAF312
X23-12-YM759 Ponesimod
X23-12-YM760 KRP-203

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