Quantitative Characterization of Saccharides

Quantitative Characterization of Saccharides


Quantitative Characterization

Glycosylation plays a vital role in biological processes, including cell apoptosis, cell communication, and pathogen invasion. Saccharides constitute the first-level cellular mechanism on the cell surface and can also affect the pathogenesis of diseases. The abnormal expression of polysialic acid is highly correlated with the progression of cancer and other diseases, and studies have also shown that it is closely related to bacterial virulence. To fully understand the functions of saccharides and glycoconjugates, it is necessary to quantitatively analyze a single saccharide in a given sample, and the relative quantity of a certain type of single saccharides should also be monitored during the development of the pharmaceutical process, so as to ensure the stability of the pharmaceutical production process.

At present, more and more high-throughput and quantitative analysis methods have been developed for the analysis of monosaccharides, polysaccharides and polysialic acid. The instability of monosaccharides components requires precise sample processing, high-resolution separation and sensitive detection technologies. Polysaccharides require the combination of multiple technology platforms, such as the combination of MS with various liquid phase separation technologies and fluorescence technologies. Quantitative analysis of polysialic acid can use fluorometric HPLC analysis, quantitative immunodetection and other methods.      

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