Diphosphatidyl-glycerol Analysis Services

Diphosphatidyl-glycerol Analysis Services

CD BioGlyco has a variety of advanced technology platforms and analysis tools that can provide customers with high-quality services for lipidomics analysis. We have the confidence to be your essential research assistant in the field of lipidomics.

The Structure and Role of Cardiolipin

Diphosphatidylglycerols are common to all living organisms. They are important phospholipid components of membranes that are involved in the generation of electrochemical potential for energy synthesis such as mitochondria. There, they interact with membrane proteins to control their biological functions. As such, they are crucial to the survival of all species.

The most prominent and extensively studied diphosphatidylglycerol is cardiolipin (CL). CL is commonly referred to as the signature phospholipid of the mitochondria. Among phospholipid species, CL has interesting chemical and structural characteristics, being highly acid and having a head group (glycerol) that is esterified to two phosphatidylglyceride backbone fragments rather than one, resulting in a very specific ultrastructure and role in the mitochondrial function. CL is almost exclusively associated with membranes designed to produce ATP through the electrochemical gradient generated by the electron transport chain. Such membranes include the bacterial plasma membrane and the inner mitochondrial membrane. This ubiquitous and intimate association between CL and energy-transducing membranes suggests an important role for CL in mitochondrial bioenergetic processes.

Fig.1 Diphosphatidyl-glycerol (Wikimedia Commons)Fig.1 Diphosphatidyl-glycerol (Wikimedia Commons)

Diphosphatidyl-glycerol Analysis Services

CD BioGlyco provides diphosphatidyl-glycerol analysis service based on liquid chromatography (LC)-mass spectrometry (MS)/MS method. Our analytical procedures include lipid extraction, liquid chromatography separation, mass spectrometry detection, and data analysis.

Moreover, we are proficient at the determination of diphosphatidyl-glycerol by 31P-NMR spectroscopy. We also offer quantitative analysis of cardiolipin including:

CL(54:6) CL(68:2) CL(68:3) CL(68:4) CL(68:5) CL(68:6)
CL(68:7) CL(70:4) CL(70:5) CL(70:6) CL(70:7) CL(70:8)
CL(72:7) CL(72:8) CL(72:9) CL(74:10) CL(74:8) CL(74:9)
CL(76:10) CL(76:11) CL(76:12) CL(78:11) CL(78:12) CL(78:13)
CL(78:14) CL(80:14) CL(80:15) CL(80:16)

Advantages of Us

  • Cutting-edge technology and professional research team
  • Advanced diphosphatidyl-glycerol analysis platforms.
  • Extensive experience in diphosphatidyl-glycerol analysis.
  • Efficient, fast, and practical service.

With an integrated set of separation, characterization, identification, and quantification systems featured with excellent robustness and reproducibility, CD BioGlyco provides reliable, rapid, and cost-effective diphosphatidyl-glycerol analysis services. If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us.


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