Glycogene Editing Service

Glycogene Editing Service

Understanding Glycogene Editing

Modifying genes to fundamentally cure diseases is a long-held vision, and the continuous development of gene editing technology is bringing people closer to this aspiration. Gene editing is like a pair of magic scissors that can remove existing DNA and insert replacement DNA to achieve genetic therapy by specifically altering the genetic sequence, destroying toxic genes, and repairing necessary ones.

Gene editing and mechanisms for double-stranded break repair with endogenous DNA.Fig.1 Gene editing and mechanisms for double-stranded break repair with endogenous DNA. (Li, et al., 2020)

From 1953, when James Watson and Francis Crick discovered the double helix structure of DNA and pioneered the study of modern biology and genetics, to the invention of gene editing tools, gene editing technology has matured from the laboratory to the application. Because of the important role of glycogenes in diseases, glycogene editing occupies an important part of gene editing research. Glycogene editing helps elucidate the glycogenes mechanism that leads to specific glycan types and helps understand the glycosylation process at the system level.

Important developments in the history of gene editing.Fig.2 Important developments in the history of gene editing. (CD BioGlyco)

Glycogene Editing Service at CD BioGlyco

CD BioGlyco has extensive expertise and extensive research experience in the field of glycogenomics. We provide glycogene editing services with high editing efficiency and accuracy, ensuring clients get correct and stable gene sequences at an affordable cost.


  • Precise modification of target glycogenes
  • The study of glycogene function
  • Construction of cell/animal models
  • Screening of oncogenes and therapeutic targets


  • Precise and efficient technologies for glycogene editing
  • Personalized glycogene editing strategy
  • Mature glycogenetic engineering service
  • The professional technical team and rich experience in glycogene editing

As a leader in gene synthesis and gene editing, CD BioGlyco has a lot of practical experience in the field of glycogenomics, providing clients with comprehensive glycogene editing solutions. We also have a strong technical team in Glycogene Delivery, Glycogene Expression Profiling, and Cancer Glycogene Discovery. If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us.


  1. Li, H.; et al. Applications of genome editing technology in the targeted therapy of human diseases: mechanisms, advances and prospects. Signal Transduction and Targeted Therapy. 2020, 5: 1.
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