Microarray-based Glycoproteomics Service

Microarray-based Glycoproteomics Service

As a trusted supplier in the field of microarrays, CD BioGlyco is committed to designing and developing various effective biological microarray products and providing corresponding testing services. Our microarray detection platform provides a full range of microarray-based analysis services to help our customers reduce costs while using advanced technologies for related research. We are confident to provide you with high-quality products and high-quality services to accelerate the output of research results.

Lectin microarray and Biomarker Discovery

Carbohydrate post-translational modifications on proteins are important determinants of protein function in normal and disease biology. Protein glycosylation is the enzymatic addition of sugars or oligosaccharides to proteins. Altered glycosylation usually occurs in the early stages of disease development. For example, certain tumor-associated glycans have been shown to be expressed in the precursor lesions of different types of cancer and have become powerful early diagnostic markers. A variety of lectins can be used as detection probes, and each probe is directed to a different glycan group to establish a lectin binding profile for the capture protein. The antibody array used for glycan detection is very effective for analyzing the variation of specific glycans on a variety of proteins. The main goal of the high-throughput analysis is usually related to the identification of novel biomarkers with therapeutic and/or diagnostic value. Lectin microarray technology is expected to become an important tool for glycosylation research and identification of tumor cell surface markers. Efficient and multiple studies are performed on the glycans of a single protein in a complex mixture. The antibody microarrays of multiple proteins are used to capture, and then lectin or glycan-binding antibodies are used for detection.

Lectin microarray strategies.Fig 1. Lectin microarray strategies. (Dang K, et al. 2020)


We provide customers with glycan microarray services to study the binding properties of potential glycan-binding proteins. We have the ability to analyze cells using high-throughput lectin microarrays, and can also be used to analyze the glycosylation characteristics of samples of interest. Our lectin microarrays include custom and semi-custom. Customized lectin microarray services use non-contact multi-channel printing equipment. The advantage of our customized service is that we can customize microarray products with a specific layout, size or substrate type. You can choose whether we can provide a glass slide substrate suitable for your sample, provide a customized substrate coating, or print directly on the substrate provided by the customer. You can choose probe samples from our internal glycan or lectin library, or provide your own samples as probes. After the microarray is made, you can also choose our microarray detection service, including sample pretreatment, hybridization, cleaning and data analysis.

Our glycoproteomics microarray service process.Fig 2. Our glycoproteomics microarray service process.

Our Benefits

  • Analyze glycosylation profiles of proteins, antibodies, cells, and cell lysates;
  • Discovery and analysis of carbohydrate biomarkers;
  • Identify abnormally glycosylated cells, proteins, or antibodies;

CD BioGlyco provides glycoproteomics services based on microarrays. We have a large team of scientists with a solid academic foundation and cooperate with researchers in basic biology and biomedical projects from all over the world. The advantage of choosing an analytical testing outsourcing testing service is that there is no need to consider any other costs (such as equipment and laboratory space), and it saves supervision or management. This advanced technology can quickly turn around and provide reliable results, thereby saving valuable time and resources. Please contact us for more detailed information.


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