DNA Microarray-based Glycogene Expression Profiling

DNA Microarray-based Glycogene Expression Profiling

DNA Microarray Technology

The power of DNA microarray lines in its high throughput, high specificity, and high sensitivity. As a cutting-edge biotechnology, it has been developed and widely used in various industries. DNA microarray follows the principle of nucleic acid hybridization. A large number of DNA probes with known sequences are sequentially fixed on the surface of the chip carrier and assembled into gene chips. The tested samples are amplified and fluorescently labeled before the hybridization reaction is performed with the DNA probes. Then the genetic information of the samples is obtained by scanning and analyzing these hybridization signals.

Fig.1 Formation of microarray gene expression profile. (Aziz, et al., 2017)Fig.1 Formation of microarray gene expression profile. (Aziz, et al., 2017)

DNA Microarray-based Glycogene Expression Profiling at CD BioGlyco

CD BioGlyco has high attainments in DNA microarray technology. We bring clients scientific, high-throughput, and automated DNA microarray-based glycogene expression profiling services.

A simple process for detecting glycogene expression by DNA microarray at CD BioGlyco:

Fig.2 Steps of DNA microarray-based glycogene expression profiling. (Wikipedia)Fig.2 Steps of DNA microarray-based glycogene expression profiling. (Wikipedia)

The preparation of a gene chip is the key step to realizing the reliability and authenticity of DNA microarray technology. According to the sample size and detection range, CD BioGlyco provides in situ synthesis and post-synthetic cross-linking to customize gene chips. According to the analysis purpose, CD BioGlyco provides two data preprocessing methods: LnMR and RAln.

With our services, clients achieve any application they want:

Fig.3 Various applications clients will achieve with our service. (CD BioGlyco)Fig.3 Various applications clients will achieve with our service. (CD BioGlyco)

  • In cancer research
    DNA microarray technology is commonly used for Cancer Glycogenes Discovery by mapping gene expression profiles. It is of great use in the study of glycogenes related to cancer pathologic classification, study of tumor invasion and metastasis mechanisms (abnormal expression of glycogenes is closely related to malignant tumor metastasis), exploration of cancer treatment mechanisms, filtration, and search for target genes related to radiotherapy sensitivity, which provide new insights for the prevention and treatment of disease.
  • In the detection of pathogenic microorganisms
    DNA microarray technology reduces the probability of non-specific reactions caused by the simultaneous detection of multiple pathogens in the traditional detection technology, and shows great advantages for the diagnosis of multi-pathogen mixed infection, providing important technical support for the early monitoring of the disease.
  • In food testing
    Pathogenic microorganisms in food pose a direct threat to people's health, accurate and efficient detection of which is the fundamental purpose and requirement. Through the analysis of DNA microarray-based glycogene expression profile, the glycogenes in pathogenic microorganisms are rapidly detected with high efficiency. In addition, detecting food components by DNA microarray technology and modifying genes effectively improve the freshness and storage properties of vegetables and fruits. CD BioGlyco has personalized Glycogene Editing Services to meet your needs in gene modification.
  • In the study of active constituent and action mechanism of drugs
    For some multi-target, multi-link, and multi-effect drugs or therapies, analyzing the differential changes of gene expression before and after treatment by DNA microarray is an effective method to determine the action mechanism and target.


  • Exploration of tumor molecular mechanism and therapeutic mechanism
  • Development of molecular diagnostic therapies for diseases
  • Study on glycogenes related to the pathological classification of tumor
  • Discovery of biomarkers of tumor cells and prediction of targets associated with tumorigenesis
  • Plant and animal genetic breeding
  • Food detection


  • High throughput and automation
  • High accuracy and reliability
  • High sensitivity and specificity
  • Develop new diagnostic therapies combined with conventional technologies

CD BioGlyco provides powerful and flexible solutions for Glycogene Expression Profiling through its reliable precision analysis to ensure that clients get the right answer the first time. Based on our powerful Platforms, we are confident to provide you with excellent service. Please feel free to contact us so that we communicate with you as soon as possible.


  1. Aziz, R.M.; et al. Dimension reduction methods for microarray data: a review. AIMS Bioengineering. 2017, 4: 179-197.
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