Streptomycin Sulfate Analysis Service

Streptomycin Sulfate Analysis Service

Delivering Precise Results for Anyone's Streptomycin Sulfate (STP) Analysis Needs

CD BioGlyco is dedicated to research in all aspects of glycobiology. Since glycoconjugates are an important source of certain pharmaceuticals, we provide comprehensive Pharmaceutical Analysis Services to our clients. One of them is STP, an aminoglycoside antibiotic pharmaceutical that has a powerful antibacterial effect against Mycobacterium tuberculosis. To explore its physiological functions more deeply, we provide high-quality STP analysis services. The analysis services we provide include but are not limited to, the following.

  • Identification of STP
    Colorimetric assay: Dissolve the sample to be identified with sodium hydroxide solution and alcohol solution of hydroxyquinoline, then add a small amount of sodium hypobromite solution and observe the color of the solution to be tested. If the solution shows orange-red color it means that the sample to be tested is STP.
  • Content
    Liquid chromatography (LC): We separate STP using acetonitrile and water as mobile phase and sodium phosphate solution as buffer. Then, the content is calculated based on the area of the peak of STP. In addition, we also provide ultraviolet spectrophotometry (UV), barium sulfate precipitation method, and bioefficiency method for clients to choose from.
  • Sulfate content
    STP samples are dissolved in water and titrated using barium chloride solution and sodium ethylenediaminetetraacetate solution. The termination time of the titration is determined according to the color change of the solution during the titration. Finally, we will calculate the content of sulfate in STP based on the amount of barium chloride solution used.
  • Acid-base
    We dissolve and dilute the STP to be tested with water, followed by testing its pH using a pH meter. The pH of STP should be between 4.5 and 7.0.
  • Loss on drying
    The weight loss is measured under reduced pressure and at elevated temperatures. In general, the weight loss of streptomycin sulfate should not exceed 6.0%.
  • Toxicity
    We accurately weigh a small amount of STP to which we add sodium chloride solution to make a solution. In vivo experiments with animals are then carried out, where the drug is administered intravenously and the survival of the animals is observed.

In addition, sterile powder of STP can be made into a preparation (STP for injection) for use. Identification and analysis of STP for injection is usually similar to that of STP. Therefore, we offer the identification and analysis of STP for injection in the manner described above.

Fig.1 STP analysis services. (CD BioGlyco) Fig.1 STP analysis services. (CD BioGlyco)

Publication Data

Technology: High-pressure homogenization (HPH), In vivo and in vitro experiments

Journal: Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology

IF: 5.0

Published: 2019

Results: The authors have prepared bovine serum albumin (BSA) nanoparticles (NPs) containing STP by HPH. Next, pulmonary dry powders of free STP, STP-loaded BSA particles, and particles embedded in STP-loaded nanoparticles (MENs) were prepared by spray drying and characterized in vivo and in vitro. The experimental results showed that all spray-dried powders showed satisfactory aerodynamic properties. The Fourier infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR) test and thermal characterization (DSC) indicated that there was no interaction between the components and that the STPs were well dispersed in the matrix, respectively. Followed by trans-Epithelial resistance (TEER) research, the dried powder was found to be non-cytotoxic, while having no negative impact on the integrity of the alveolar epithelial cell layer. In addition, full in vitro release was observed for all formulations within 4 hours. The pharmacokinetic and biodistribution studies in rats demonstrated lower bioavailability to non-target organs of the dried lung powder compared to intramuscular injection.


  • We have first-class pharmaceutical analysis technology and provide our clients with detailed pharmaceutical analysis reports.
  • We provide custom Pharmaceutical and Biological Analysis solutions according to our clients' scientific needs and provide timely feedback to our clients on the progress of pharmaceutical analysis.
  • We provide reliable pre-sales and after-sales services to ensure client satisfaction throughout the service.

CD BioGlyco is dedicated to research in the field of glycobiology and offers custom pharmaceutical analysis services. Our service team is composed of experts in the field of glycobiology, and each protocol we develop undergoes rigorous quality testing. If you would like to know more, please feel free to contact us.


  1. Shiehzadeh, F. et al. Streptomycin sulfate dry powder inhalers for the new tuberculosis treatment schedule. Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology. 2019, 52: 957-967.
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