Microbe-focused Glycan Array Screening Service

Microbe-focused Glycan Array Screening Service

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Microbial Glycan Research and Microarray

Studying the natural host ligands of microorganisms and understanding their pathogenicity and infectivity has become one of the goals of functional glycomics. The interaction between glycan-binding protein (GBP) and its carbohydrate ligand is the basis of all aspects of life. In order to better understand proteoglycan recognition, the specificity of many structurally different glycans must be determined. Glycan arrays are excellent tools for glycan-binding analysis because they use a limited amount of samples to quickly interrogate binding events. Chemically diverse microbial glycans play a vital role in immunity and infectious diseases. Since microorganisms are wrapped in complex carbohydrates, better coverage is needed. Current microbial glycan arrays contain specialized small synthetic or isolated carbohydrates. 

Glycan selection for microarray printing. Fig1. Glycan selection for microarray printing. (Geissner A, et al. 2019)

Service Process

CD BioGlyco provides microbial glycan group printing microarrays as a tool for studying microbial glycobiology. The collection of synthetic glycans used in our microarray service covers the surface of pathogens and other microorganisms as carbohydrate structures for intrusion recognition, recognition by immunoagglutinins and receptors, and recognition by interaction with bacterial lectins. Arrays resulting from the surface attachment of well-defined synthetic glycans can elucidate binding events with atomic resolution. Arrays formed by isolated compounds can be used for glycomics research on target microorganisms.

  • The printed glycan array helps to clarify the role of glycans in many biological processes with monosaccharide resolution, especially those of mammalian origin.
  • Glycan arrays and other array platforms have been used to study the interaction of glycans with microorganisms and important microbial components (such as toxins, adhesins, and lectins) in various attachment and toxicity pathways. 

Flow chart of microbial focused glycan array screening service of CD BioGlyco. Fig 2. Flow chart of microbial focused glycan array screening service of CD BioGlyco.

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CD BioGlyco provides microbial focused glycan array screening and analysis services. We have a well-equipped experimental platform, a large and professional team of scientists, and we are committed to cooperating with researchers from all over the world to meet customer needs. Customers can contact our employees directly and provide timely feedback on their queries. If you are interested in our one-stop solution service, please contact us for more detailed information.


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