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Glycobiology is defined as the study of the structure, biosynthesis, and biological functions of glycans and saccharide conjugates (including glycoproteins, glycolipids, proteoglycans, etc.), as well as protein-glycan interactions. Glycogenomics, glycoproteomics, glycomics, and glycoinformatics help us better understand the various cellular events involved in saccharides and the role of glycans in diseases. In the production of biological agents, glycans play a crucial role, in influencing the therapeutic properties of protein drugs and their immune responses. CD BioGlyco offers research platforms in glycobiology, encompassing the investigation of glycans and saccharide conjugates' structure, biosynthesis, biological functions, and production of food ingredients. These include glycoproteins, glycolipids, proteoglycans, etc. Utilizing glycogenomics, glycoproteomics, glycomics, and glycoinformatics, we gain insights into cellular events related to saccharides and the impact of glycans on various diseases.

Fig.1 Common method to release glycans from glycoproteins and glycosphingolipids. (Zhang, et al., 2020)Fig.1 Common method to release glycans from glycoproteins and glycosphingolipids. (Zhang, et al., 2020)

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Publication Data

Technology: Functional tagging, Fluorescent tagging, High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), Enzymatic and chemical release methods

Journal: Frontiers in Chemistry

IF: 5.5

Published: 2020

Results: A significant challenge in glycoscience is the insufficient availability of diverse and biomedically relevant complex glycans for functional studies. Natural sources offer an essential and viable alternative to the intricate process of chemoenzymatic synthesis. This review explores the preparation of complex glycans from various glycoconjugate classes, employing enzymatic and chemical release methods. Recent advancements in large-scale preparation from natural sources are discussed, along with innovative approaches in functional and fluorescent tagging, as well as HPLC isolation of released glycans.

Fig.2 Preparation of natural glycans for functional glycomics. (Zhang, et al., 2020)Fig.2 Preparation of natural glycans for functional glycomics. (Zhang, et al., 2020)


The synthesis platform facilitates glycan synthesis for applications in drug development and diagnostics. The glycomics platform provides insights into glycomes, unraveling the structure and function of glycans. The glycoproteomics platform delves into the role of glycoproteins in cellular events for disease research. The glycosylation site-specific antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) development platform supports targeted therapy development. Carbohydrate-based glycomedicine development platform advances research in medicines. The food ingredient production platform offers cost-effective purification. The multi-omics platform for cancer glucose metabolism (MOPCGM) explores glycan-cancer metabolism relationships. The glycoengineering platform aids glycoengineered protein and antibody drug development. The glycobiology microarray platform studies protein-glycan interactions. The vaccine development platform contributes to glycan-based vaccine development. The glycogenomics platform focuses on glycan genomics. The glycan display platform enables precise exploration and manipulation of glycans for diverse applications. Together, these platforms provide comprehensive tools and services for glycan-related research across various scientific fields.

CD BioGlyco is a global biotechnology company that has accomplished several successful glycobiology projects. Our technology platform is constantly updated to meet the latest needs of our global customers. Our goal is to provide high-quality services while saving time, effort, and cost for customers. If you are interested in our services, please contact us for more detailed information.


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