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Carbohydrate Conjugation Service for Vaccine Development

The coupling of polysaccharides and carrier proteins can overcome the limitations of polysaccharide vaccines and produce a much higher titer. CD BioGlyco has been working in the field of carbohydrate-based vaccine development for many years. We offer a wide range of carbohydrate conjugation services for vaccine development to meet our clients' individual scientific needs.


Carbohydrates are common surface molecules in living systems with rich structural diversity and play important roles in cellular recognition and signaling, including immune recognition and activation. Currently, carbohydrates have been widely used in vaccine development. Although natural carbohydrates can be used directly as vaccine components, in many cases, carbohydrate conjugation services are necessary for enhanced efficacy.

At CD BioGlyco, one of the strategies commonly used by researchers in vaccine design is the preparation of conjugates of antigens and/or adjuvants with delivery carriers. This has benefits in a variety of ways, such as prolonged circulation and controlled release, better immune recognition through multivalency, enhanced cellular uptake and immune activation. For example, TACA, glycan aberrantly expressed on the surface of many types of cancer cells, induces only weak IgM responses when administered alone. However, when TACAs are conjugated with strongly immunogenic proteins, such as bovine serum albumin (BSA), keyhole hemocyanin (KLH), tetanus toxoid (TT), and virus-like particles, to generate high levels of IgG responses.

Fig. 1 Examples of antigen-α-GalCer prodrug conjugates (conjugate through α-GalCer lipid chain).Fig.1 Examples of antigen-α-GalCer prodrug conjugates (conjugate through α-GalCer lipid chain). (Lang, 2020)

Our Services

Fig. 1 Examples of antigen-α-GalCer prodrug conjugates (conjugate through α-GalCer lipid chain).

CD BioGlyco has established a variety of strategies to provide customers with carbohydrate conjugation services for vaccine development. We are committed to the chemical modifications of carbohydrates, especially covalent conjugates of antigens and carbohydrate-based delivery carriers or adjuvants. To better conjugate the antigen to the carrier protein, we generally install spacers including p-nitrophenyl, maleimide and aldehyde containing groups at the reducing end of the antigen, and then conjugated to the carrier protein (such as BSA, TT, KLH, DT, OVA, and MUC1 peptides) through amide bond formation, Michael addiction and reductive amination.


  • Prevention of major diseases such as polio, smallpox, rubella, and influenza
  • Development of carrier protein-free and linker free vaccines
  • Development of fully synthetic carbohydrate vaccines
  • Development of a proper model to determine the immunogenicity in human

Advantages of Us

  • Extensive experience in vaccine development and clinical trials
  • High quality customized service
  • Multiple optional effective strategies
  • Detailed after-sales service

As a leading company in the field of glycobiology, CD BioGlyco has made significant progress in carbohydrate conjugation services for vaccine development. We are committed to helping our customers develop carbohydrate vaccines with good immunogenicity and low linker effect. If you are interested in our service, please contact us directly for more details.


  1. Lang, S. Huang, X. Carbohydrate conjugates in vaccine developments. Front Chem. 2020, 8:284.
This service is for Research Use Only, not intended for any clinical use.

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