Lectin Columns

Cat. No. Product Name Inquiry
X23-02-ZQ321 Arachis hypogaea lectin (PNA) microcolumn, Agarose bead conjugate
X23-02-ZQ322 Arachis hypogaea lectin (PNA) OnePass column, Peanut
X23-02-ZQ323 Arachis hypogaea lectin (PNA) cartridge, Agarose bead conjugate
X23-02-ZQ327 Artocarpus integrifolia lectin (AIA) microcolumn, Jackfruit, , Agarose bead conjugate
X23-02-ZQ328 Artocarpus integrifolia lectin (AIA) OnePass column, Jackfruit
X23-02-ZQ329 Artocarpus integrifolia lectin (AIA) cartridge, Jackfruit, Agarose bead conjugate
X23-02-ZQ333 Cicer arietinum lectin (CAL) microcolumn, Chick pea, Agarose bead conjugate
X23-02-ZQ334 Cicer arietinum lectin (CAL) OnePass column, Chick pea
X23-02-ZQ335 Cicer arietinum lectin (CAL) cartridge, Chick pea, Agarose bead conjugate
X23-02-ZQ351 Concanavalin A (Con A) microcolumn, Jack bean, Agarose bead conjugate
X23-02-ZQ352 Concanavalin A (Con A) OnePass column, Jack bean
X23-02-ZQ353 Concanavalin A (Con A) cartridge, Jack bean, Agarose bead conjugate
X23-02-ZQ367 Dolichos biflorus lectin (DBA) microcolumn, Horse gram, Agarose bead conjugate
X23-02-ZQ368 Dolichos biflorus lectin (DBA) OnePass column, Horse gram
X23-02-ZQ369 Dolichos biflorus lectin (DBA) cartridge, Horse gram, Agarose bead conjugate
X23-02-ZQ381 Erythrina cristagalli lectin (ECL) microcolumn, Coral tree, Agarose bead conjugate
X23-02-ZQ382 Erythrina cristagalli lectin (ECL) OnePass column, Coral tree
X23-02-ZQ383 Erythrina cristagalli lectin (ECL) cartridge, Coral tree, Agarose bead conjugate
X23-02-ZQ385 Euonymus europaeus lectin (EEL) microcolumn, Spindle tree, Agarose bead conjugate
X23-02-ZQ386 Euonymus europaeus lectin (EEL) OnePass column, Spindle tree

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