Glycomic Quantitation

Glycomic Quantitation

With an in-depth understanding of the impact of glycosylation on physiological occurrences and human diseases, CD BioGlyco has paid more attention to the development of novel methodologies and increasing detection capacity to provide efficient and accurate glycosylation quantification services. Our flexible solutions will help our customers reveal glycosyl disorders.


The significance of glycosylation in neurodegenerative diseases, cancer, and diabetes, promotes further interest in glycomics research. As the focus shifts from the discovery and characterization of glycomic to the minute perturbations in site occupancy, the requirement for effective and robust glycomic quantitative strategies is growing steadily. Quantification of glycomics allows reliable and sensitive monitoring of glycan changes associated with different biological conditions and diseases.

New methods for quantitative glycomics have seen an explosion in recent years. Several strategies for glycomic quantification based on mass spectrometry have been developed, including metabolic labeling of stable isotopes, isobaric chemical labeling, deposition of quality difference and quality defect isotope labeling, and enzymatic catalyzed labeling. These methods provide sufficient tools for accurate and reliable quantification for researchers. In addition, a strategy designed to harness instrument ability for label-free quantification, and a number of software packages were developed to promote reliable spectrum scoring. These advances in quantitative glycomics have helped researchers complete the quantitative analysis of monosaccharides, polysaccharides, and polysialic acid.

Fig 1. Graphical representation of quantitative glycomics and glycoproteomic analyses.Fig.1 Graphical representation of quantitative glycomics and glycoproteomic analyses. (Delafield, 2020)


Advantages of Us

  • World-class and comprehensive experimental platform
  • Glycomic quantitation with high sensitivity and high-throughput
  • High-resolution instruments and minute experimental errors
  • Detailed and comprehensive analysis report
  • Professional and thoughtful service

CD BioGlyco has developed a variety of reliable and sensitive quantitative glycomics strategies to help researchers better understand the biological attribute of the complex glycosylation mechanisms. Our high-quality scientific services will greatly improve your research efficiency and accelerate research progress. If you need glycan quantitation services, please contact us in time for further assistance.


  1. Delafield, D.G.; Li, L. Recent advances in analytical approaches for glycan and glycopeptide quantitation. Molecular & Cellular Proteomics. 2020, 20.
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