Fatty Ester Analysis Services

Fatty Ester Analysis Services

CD BioGlyco provides an integrated solution of lipidomics analysis services. We help customers meet expectations and make effective business decisions through quality and professional service.

Importance of Fatty Ester Analysis

Fatty acids play important roles in biological tissues. For example, fatty acids as constituents of lipids in biological membranes influence membrane properties such as fluidity, integrity, permeability, and the activities of membrane-bound enzymes. Fatty acids as components of foods serve as a source of energy for man and animals.

Fatty acids in foods and biological samples are commonly analyzed by chromatography of their fatty acid methyl esters (FAMEs). The structure of fatty esters consists of a fatty acid where the carboxyl group of the fatty acid is linked to a diverse range of substituents via an ester bond. Owing to chromatographic-mass spectrometry providing spectrometric information on separated compounds, it provides a means of analyte selectivity. Thus, detection with mass spectrometry reveals a potentially powerful tool for quantitative analysis of FAMEs, especially in the presence of a convoluted biochemical background.

Fig.1 FAME analysis.Fig.1 FAME analysis. (Niemi, et al., 2019)

Fatty Ester Analysis Services

With the wide application of fatty ester in the fields of chemical and food industry, the development of analytical methods for the content and structure of fatty ester is essential. At CD BioGlyco, we provide reliable and comprehensive fatty ester analysis technology including but not limited to:

  • High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and nuclear magnetic resonance hydrogen spectroscopy (NMR).
  • Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS)/MS.
  • Liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS)/MS.

Applications of Fatty Ester Analysis

  • To assess the quality of biodiesel.
  • Fat characterization.
  • To identify and quantify individual fatty acids that are useful to assess the relative differences and similarities among and between microbial communities.
  • Oil-seed production and processed-oil assessment.

Advantages of Us

  • Reliable and reproducible analysis method.
  • Comprehensive chromatography and mass spectrometry analysis method.
  • Customized experiment plan and completed experiment report.
  • Detailed and reliable after-sales service.

CD BioGlyco has advanced instrumentation platforms in fatty acyl analysis. We have professional knowledge reserves and analytical experience to explore the lipid field with you. If you are interested in our services, please contact us for more details without any hesitation.


  1. Niemi, C.; et al. Comparisons of analysis of fatty acid methyl ester (FAME) of microalgae by chromatographic techniques. Algal Research. 2019, 39: 101449.
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