Cell Surface Glycoengineering

Cell Surface Glycoengineering

Cell Surface Glycoengineering in Vaccine Development

Cell surface glycoengineering is an approach to modulating cellular functions and interactions by customizing the cell surface. It has a wide range of applications in various fields, especially in vaccine development. Cell surface glycoengineering can be used to synthesize key glycan molecular structures for glycated vaccines. By mimicking the sugar molecule structures on the surface of pathogens, researchers design and synthesize vaccines with similar sugar molecules. These glycated vaccines can stimulate the body to generate specific immune responses against pathogen invasion. Cell surface glycoengineering can also be used to develop glycoskeletal vaccines. Combining vaccine antigens with the glycoskeleton to form a composite vaccine enhances the immune response of the body against the pathogen. The application of cell surface glycoengineering is still expanding and deepening, which is expected to bring more innovations and breakthroughs for biomedical research.

Fig.1 Overview of approaches currently used in cell surface engineering. (Abbina, et al., 2017)Fig.1 Overview of approaches currently used in cell surface engineering. (Abbina, et al., 2017)

Cell Surface Glycoengineering Service at CD BioGlyco

At CD BioGlyco, our experienced team is well-equipped to provide a comprehensive range of cell surface glycoengineering services by utilizing our advanced Glycoengineering Platform. With a focus on quality and innovation, we strive to contribute to advancements in this field and aim to make a meaningful impact on disease research.


  • By regulating sugar molecules on the surface of stem cells, it is possible to influence the directional differentiation and fate decisions of stem cells, leading to tissue regeneration and disease research.
  • Cell surface glycoengineering can be used to design and synthesize glyco-markers for early detection of diseases, such as cancer and infectious diseases.
  • Through its modification of sugar molecules on the cell surface, a targeted drug delivery system can be realized to improve drug targeting and efficacy.

Advantages of Us

  • We have an advanced glycoengineering platform to perform precise oligosaccharide synthesis and modification, providing efficient and controllable services.
  • We have a diverse combination of technologies that enable us to realize a wider range of glycoengineering applications through the combined use of different technical tools and methods.
  • We specialize in providing cost-effective solutions to ensure that our clients are getting the best service possible.

CD BioGlyco has a professional team with extensive experience and strong scientific expertise, capable of conducting comprehensive cell surface glycoengineering design, synthesis, and testing. We are dedicated to delivering top-notch cell surface glycoengineering services, ensuring superior quality for our clients. Contact us and unlock the potential of cell surface glycoengineering for your research and development needs!


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