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Tumor Suppressors Analysis in Cancer Glucose Metabolism

Tumor suppressor genes are a class of genes that can inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells, thereby inhibiting carcinogenesis. Under normal circumstances, tumor suppressor genes achieve tumor suppressor function by inhibiting the cell cycle or promoting cell apoptosis to monitor intracellular proliferation signals and prevent abnormal cell proliferation. In recent years, a large number of studies have found that the inactivation of tumor suppressor genes can cause the breakdown of the metabolic homeostasis of cells and the body, cause metabolic reprogramming, meet the needs of cancer cells for energy and material synthesis, and promote cancer progression. Therefore, studying tumor suppressor gene inactivation to regulate the reprogramming of cancer glucose metabolism may fundamentally change the metabolic pattern of cancer and promote the development of cancer treatment strategies such as gene therapy and gene editing. CD BioGlyco can provide mechanism analysis services of tumor suppressors in the reprogramming of cancer glucose metabolism.

What We Do

Oncogene Mutations Analysis in Cancer Glucose Metabolism

  • Screening for tumor suppressors that can regulate the glucose metabolism of cancer cells

The inactivation of tumor suppressors is an important initiating factor for the reprogramming of cancer metabolism. The regulation of glucose metabolism in cancer cells involves many metabolic pathways such as glucose transport, glycolysis, and the pentose phosphate pathway. Through the MOPCGM platform, we can screen tumor suppressors with glucose metabolism regulation using bioinformatics methods or other omics methods.

  • Analysis of the effect of tumor suppressors on the glucose metabolism of cancer cells

Inactivation of tumor suppressor genes can cause reprogramming of glucose metabolism in cancer cells, affecting glucose uptake, lactate production, reactive oxygen species generation and glycolysis pathways, tricarboxylic acid cycle, and metabolic intermediates of pentose phosphate pathway, thereby affecting cancer metabolic phenotype of cells. We can analyze the effect of tumor suppressor gene inactivation on the glucose metabolism of cancer cells using metabolomics and proteomics through the MOPCGM platform.

  • Tumor suppressors target prediction

Tumor suppressors can negatively regulate multiple targets of glucose metabolic pathways. Through the MOPCGM platform, we can analyze the effects of tumor suppressors on glucose metabolism-related genes, related signaling pathways, related enzyme activities, and expressions, and tumor microenvironment at the transcriptional level, and search for the downstream targets of tumor suppressors that play a role in regulating glucose metabolism.


Our services can support the following applications, including but not limited to:

  • Search for new tumor suppressors that can regulate the glucose metabolism pathway of cancer cells.
  • Analysis of the correlation between tumor suppressor mutation regions and tumor stage.

Our Advantages

  • Specialized in providing analysis of the glucose metabolism regulation function of tumor suppressors.
  • Through the MOPCGM platform, a one-stop service for topics related to the regulation function of tumor suppressors glucose metabolism is realized.

CD BioGlyco can provide screening services for tumor suppressors that regulate glucose metabolism, analysis services for the mechanism of tumor suppressors regulating glucose metabolism, and discovery services for new tumor suppressors. Our experienced teams of scientists, researchers, and technicians provide fast turnaround, high-quality services at competitive prices for worldwide customers. Our customers have direct access to our staff and prompt feedback on their inquiries. If you are interested in our services, please contact us for more details.

This service is for Research Use Only, not intended for any clinical use.

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