Microbial Glycan Microarray Assay

Microbial Glycan Microarray Assay

Microbial glycan microarray assay is a high-throughput screening frequently used in glycobiology. CD BioGlyco provides advanced microarray technology platform and customizable services,and we have confidence to be your essential research assistant in the field of glycobiology.


The interaction between glycan binding protein and their carbohydrate ligand is the basis of all life. Over the past decade or so, printed glycan arrays have helped elucidate the role of glycans in many biological processes, especially those of mammalian origin. Genomics methods also provide unprecedented insights into microbiology. However, the immune interaction between the hosts and various microbial groups remains elusive and difficult to study. Microbial microarray is the new method that can be used to explore this interaction. One of the main advantages of the microarray format is the inherent miniaturization of the method, which allows for sensitive and high-throughput analysis with very few samples. On the surface of a single microorganism, glycosyl determinants have been considered a key structure for host immune factor recognition. They usually represent unique antigenic determinants used to define specific strains. Therefore, the detection of host factors of various microbial glycans not only can identify interactions with individual microorganisms, but also provide key insights into the structure of these interactions.

Strategies to procure glycans for microarray experimentsFig 1. Strategies to procure glycans for microarray experiments (Geissner, A.; et al. 2019)


Our microbial glycan microarray assay is similar to other types of microarrays. Isolate high-purity and biologically active bacterial glycans from different microorganisms or synthesize microbial glycans directly, then print them in immobile phase and examine the printing efficiency. Incubate one or more predicted interaction partners that may have recognition activity with the microarray on its surface and detect individually by advanced detection equipment. Our microbial glycan microarray platform can be used for rapid and high-throughput screening. Customized arrays can also be printed to meet project needs. Our experts can provide detailed analysis of the results upon request.


  • Host defense mechanism research
  • Identify binding partners or evaluate the specificity of newly developed probes
  • Characterization and surveillance of microorganism
  • Innate immune system research

Advantages of Us

  • Advanced developing technology and data processing methods
  • High efficiency: simultaneous detection of multiple samples
  • Accept multiple different kinds of samples
  • Customized service

CD BioGlyco has quite a wealth of experimental experience in microbial glycan microarray analysis. Our advanced experimental equipment and well-trained research personnel provide guarantee for customers' experimental results.

Customers can contact our employees directly and we will respond promptly. If you are interested in our services, please contact us for more detailed information.


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