NMDA Receptor

Cat. No. Product Name Inquiry
X23-12-YM127 Memantine hydrochloride
X23-12-YM132 Felbamate
X23-12-YM133 TCN 201
X23-12-YM144 SDZ 220-581
X23-12-YM155 NMDA
X23-12-YM156 GNE 0723
X23-12-YM157 (+)-MK 801 maleate
X23-12-YM163 Eliprodil
X23-12-YM169 Ro 25-6981
X23-12-YM175 RPR104632
X23-12-YM176 (-)-MK 801 maleate
X23-12-YM177 GV-196771A
X23-12-YM184 GLYX-13
X23-12-YM193 MDL 29951
X23-12-YM200 ARL-15896
X23-12-YM206 NVP-AAM077 tetrasodium hydrate (PEAQX)
X23-12-YM236 SDZ 220-581 ammonium salt
X23-12-YM254 L-701324
X23-12-YM255 CIQ
X23-12-YM257 CGS19755

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