Graphene for Glycopeptide Enrichment

Graphene for Glycopeptide Enrichment

Due to the low abundance and ionization efficiency of glycopeptides, the identification strategies of glycopeptides based on mass spectrometry (MS) are facing great challenges. CD BioGlyco focuses on the enrichment process before MS analysis and develops a variety of new materials, including graphene, to provide clients with efficient glycopeptide enrichment and separation services.


Efficiently capturing glycopeptides from complex biological samples is essential for glycoproteomic analysis. A variety of novel nanomaterials have been developed for glycopeptide enrichment. Since the Nobel Prize in physics in 2010, graphene has become an increasingly attractive material consisting of single atomic layers of carbon, which has many unique properties that make it interesting and suitable for basic research and future applications. Surface functionalized graphene or graphene oxide is now being used for glycan enrichment because of its large specific surface area and superb absorption capacity.

Researchers have designed and synthesized hydrophilic chitosan-functionalized magnetic graphene nanocomposites (denoted as Fe3O4-GO@PDA-chitosan) by a simple two-step modification including dopamine self-polymerization and Michael addition. The resulting nanocomposites showed high selectivity and sensitivity for the enrichment of N-glycopeptides from complex biological samples due to the enhanced hydrophilicity by the PDA layer and chitosan. This report provides a feasible strategy for the separation and enrichment of N-glycopeptides by surface-functionalized novel materials.

Schematic illustration of the procedure for preparation of Fe3O4-GO@PDA and Fe3O4-GO@PDA-Chitosan and N-glycopeptides enrichment. Fig.1 Schematic diagram of the procedure for preparation of Fe3O4-GO@PDA and Fe3O4-GO@PDA-Chitosan and N-glycopeptides enrichment. (Bi, 2020)

Our Strategies

CD BioGlyco has established several strategies for rapid and efficient enrichment of glycans released from glycoprotein, even in the presence of multiple interfering non-glycoproteins, to provide clients with glycomics analysis services. The strategies we offer include but are not limited to:

  • We employ a novel hydrophilic composite based on electrostatic interactions that can effectively immobilize cationic cellulose on a graphene oxide-dopamine carrier (denoted as GO-DA-JR) for highly specific enrichment of N-glycopeptides.
  • We have developed a technique for rapid, efficient and visualized glycans enrichment using 1-pyrenebutyryl chloride functionalized graphene oxide. The large specific surface area and heavy functionalization of activated 1-pyrenebutyryl chloride greatly improve the enrichment efficiency.
  • We have explored a novel polymer hybridized graphene oxide (GO) by in situ growth of hydrazide functionalized hydrophilic polymer chains on the GO surface for N-glycopeptide enrichment and MS identification


  • Global mapping of protein N-glycosylation
  • Understanding the biological functions of glycoproteins
  • Discovery of new clinical biomarkers
  • Finding new therapeutic drug targets

Advantages of Us

  • Strong innovation capabilities
  • Multiple cutting-edge technologies
  • Extensive research platforms
  • Comprehensive technical guidance

Researchers of CD BioGlyco have established a variety of glycopeptide enrichment methods with high selectivity, high sensitivity, good stability and operability. We offer high-quality services in the field of glycoproteomics for our clients. If you are interested in our services, please contact us for further consultation.


  1. Bi, C.; et al. Facile synthesis of hydrophilic magnetic graphene nanocomposites via dopamine self-polymerization and Michael addition for selective enrichment of N-linked glycopeptides. Scientific Reports. 2020, 10(1):71.
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