Neurokinin Receptor

Cat. No. Product Name Inquiry
X23-12-YM1045 Tradipitant
X23-12-YM1046 Senktide
X23-12-YM1332 Pavinetant
X23-12-YM1372 Maropitant
X23-12-YM1379 Vofopitant dihydrochloride
X23-12-YM1382 Serlopitant
X23-12-YM430 Aprepitant
X23-12-YM496 Fosaprepitant dimeglumine
X23-12-YM595 MK-0517
X23-12-YM701 Vofopitant
X23-12-YM738 GW679769
X23-12-YM739 Ibodutant
X23-12-YM746 Befetupitant
X23-12-YM817 Rolapitant
X23-12-YM845 GR-203040
X23-12-YM901 Netupitant
X23-12-YM935 NKP608
X23-12-YM943 SB-222200
X23-12-YM947 Talnetant
X23-12-YM948 Talnetant hydrochloride

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