Non-coding RNAs Analysis in Cancer Glucose Metabolism

Non-coding RNAs play an important regulatory role in cancer glucose metabolism. Non-coding RNA research areas include small RNAs, long non-coding RNAs, and circular RNAs. Elucidating the expression changes, roles, molecular mechanisms and clinical significance of non-coding RNAs in the process of cancer glucose metabolism provides a new perspective for a complete understanding of cancer metabolic reprogramming and the mechanism of cancer occurrence and development. CD BioGlyco can provide the MOPCGM platform-based analysis of the differential expression of non-coding RNAs in the process of cancer glucose metabolism reprogramming, the analysis of the molecular mechanism of non-coding RNAs affecting cancer progression by regulating glucose metabolism, the analysis of the clinical significance of non-coding RNAs on cancer diagnosis and prognosis, etc.

What We Do

  • The differential expression analysis of non-coding RNAs in glucose metabolism

Using biochip technology, we can provide differential expression analysis of non-coding RNAs in various samples such as cancer cells treated with different glucose metabolism regulators, cancer cells with different metabolic phenotypes, and cancer types with different metabolic characteristics.

Fig. 1 The regulatory roles of lncRNAs in glucose metabolismFig. 1 The regulatory roles of lncRNAs in glucose metabolism
(Zhang TN, et al., 2020)
  • Molecular mechanism analysis of non-coding RNAs in the regulation of glucose metabolism
  • MiRNAs target glucose metabolism-related gene identification
  • Identification of lncRNAs binding glucose metabolism-related proteins, chromosomal localization analysis, post-translational modification analysis, stability analysis, etc
  • lncRNAs combine with glucose metabolism-related DNA analysis
  • Identification of lncRNAs binding to miRNAs
  • Identification and stability analysis of lncRNAs binding to long RNAs
  • Identification of circular RNA-binding metabolism-related proteins and analysis of their effects on protein function
  • Discovery of metabolism-related non-coding RNAs as potential biomarkers


  • To explore the relationship between non-coding RNAs and enzymes related to glucose metabolism.
  • To explore the role of non-coding RNAs in the metabolic reprogramming of tumor-associated macrophages.
  • Development of a clinical therapeutic approach based on non-coding RNAs targeting glucose metabolism in cancer.

Our Advantages

  • We focus on the field of non-coding RNAs regulation of cancer glucose metabolism.
  • We provide a one-stop service from the screening of differentially expressed non-coding RNAs to the analysis of molecular mechanisms regulating glucose metabolism reprogramming.

CD BioGlyco provides differential expression analysis services of non-coding RNAs related to cancer glucose metabolism, molecular mechanism analysis services of non-coding RNAs regulating glucose metabolism pathways, and analysis services of non-coding RNAs as markers of metabolic reprogramming. Our experienced teams of scientists, researchers, and technicians provide fast turnaround, high-quality services at competitive prices for worldwide customers. Our customers have direct access to our staff and prompt feedback on their inquiries. If you are interested in our services, please contact us for more details.


  1. Zhang TN, et al. Regulation of Glucose and Lipid Metabolism by Long Non-coding RNAs: Facts and Research Progress. Front Endocrinol (Lausanne). 2020 Jul 16; 11: 457.
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