Sanger Sequencing-based Glycogene Expression Profiling

Sanger Sequencing-based Glycogene Expression Profiling

What Is Sanger Sequencing?

Sanger sequencing is a first-generation sequencing method, pioneered by Frederick Sanger. The key to this method is the use of dideoxy triphosphate nucleotide (ddNTP). DNA polymerase terminates the reaction in the chain extension process due to the addition of different ddNTP with fluorescent labels, which lack the hydroxyl group necessary for nucleotide binding. The ultimate identification of each nucleotide is achieved by counting DNA fragments with different lengths and different fluorescent labels.

Fig.1 The principle of Sanger sequencing. (Shendure, et al., 2017)Fig.1 The principle of Sanger sequencing. (Shendure, et al., 2017)

Currently, Sanger sequencing typically supports generating DNA sequences up to 800-1000 bp. The continuous development of various analysis software makes it convenient for data analysis. The cost of Sanger sequencing has also fallen.

Sanger Sequencing-based Glycogene Expression Profiling at CD BioGlyco

CD BioGlyco leverages sequencing- and fragment analysis-based RNA assays with powerful reagents and workflows to give you the key data you need to analyze glycogene expression. CD BioGlyco has a mature, high-throughput, and automated Sanger sequencing workflow. The main steps include: isolating RNA, sequence amplification, sequencing reaction, purification of products, electrophoresis, and data analysis.

Fig.2 Workflow of Sanger sequencing-based glycogene expression profiling. (CD BioGlyco)Fig.2 Workflow of Sanger sequencing-based glycogene expression profiling. (CD BioGlyco)

With 99.99% accuracy, Sanger sequencing is used as the gold standard for many applications. With our support, you smoothly conduct your research on glycobiology and solve the challenges you encounter.

  • Sanger sequencing-based glycogene expression profiling is used to detailedly analyze a large number of cell transcripts, study the differential expression of glycogenes in tumor cells, and compare the quantitative expression data of multiple genes in samples. These data are used to establish accurate relative expression profiles and reveal the function of glycogenes and the underlying molecular mechanisms.
  • It is widely used to find and discover mutant genes to provide a reliable and scientific reference for clinical research of various diseases. The mutation of glycogenes plays a vital role in the malignant progression and metastasis of tumors.
  • Based on the differential expression analysis of glycogens, the study of tumor cell heterogeneity and drug resistance mechanism is of great significance for personalized tumor treatment.
  • Through differential expression analysis of glycogenes, potential biomarkers are identified to develop new targeted therapies.
  • Our platforms enable the quantification and counting of millions of genes, ensuring that clients quickly obtain genetic data with very low expression levels.


  • Analyze the differential expression of glycogenes in cells
  • Establish the relative gene expression profile for tumor cells
  • Detect gene mutation
  • Study tumor pathogenesis
  • Discover potential biomarkers and therapeutic targets for diseases


  • Simple, fast, and reliable RNA sequencing
  • A high-throughput approach to detect genes with very low expression levels
  • Professional team and scientific approach
  • Data with reliability up to 99.99%

CD BioGlyco is proud to quickly generate high-quality and publication-ready data to support your research in glycobiology. We offer a variety of Glycogene Expression Profiling Services and Caner Glycogene Discovery Services for you. Please feel free to contact us and we will reply to you as soon as possible.


  1. Shendure, J.; et al. DNA sequencing at 40: past, present and future. Nature. 2017, 550: 345-353.
This service is for Research Use Only, not intended for any clinical use.

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