Custom Oligosaccharide Synthesis

Custom Oligosaccharide Synthesis

CD BioGlyco has unique technology platforms and powerful analysis tools to provide customers with high-quality custom services to synthesize oligosaccharides. We have confidence to be your essential research assistant in the field of glycobiology.


In general, carbohydrates can be divided into two categories: monosaccharides and complex carbohydrates. When two or more monosaccharide units are connected through glycosidic bonds, complex carbohydrates are formed. Oligosaccharides are usually polymers of 3 to 10 monosaccharides, which usually exist in the form of glycans: oligosaccharide chains linked to lipids or amino acid side chains in proteins. Oligosaccharides have many functions, including cell recognition and cell binding. These biological processes involving carbohydrates are usually not related to monosaccharides, but the structure of oligosaccharides in glycoconjugates. Therefore, oligosaccharides are becoming more important in the study of biological activity.

However, in experiments, it is almost impossible to completely separate homogeneous glycoform, and the conversion of glycosylation to clinical applications in humans involves systematic studies using homogeneous samples of oligosaccharides and glycoconjugates. In the past two decades, the understanding of glycobiology has made great strides. These advances are partly attributed to the latest developments in oligosaccharides synthesis, mainly the synthesis of human-type sequences to assist biomedical research. Oligosaccharides can be synthesized by chemical, enzymatic or other biological methods. Complex oligosaccharides synthesis requires a combination of multiple disciplines, including practical synthesis methods and effective tools in cell and molecular biology, biochemistry and glycoproteomics.

Fig 1. Example: human milk oligosaccharides basic structuresFig 1. Example: human milk oligosaccharides basic structures (Plaza-Díaz, J.; et al. 2018)


The structural complexity and wide-range variations of glycans and their conjugates represent the main challenges in the synthesis of such biomolecules. To help customers better research oligosaccharides, CD BioGlyco provides two main methods, chemical synthesis and enzymatic synthesis, to obtain homogeneous oligosaccharides and glycoconjugates.

  • Chemical synthesis has always been an exploratory research method as this mature discipline can provide access to almost any structure.
  • Enzymatic synthesis can be carried out stereo- and regiospecifically without protecting group manipulations. Compared with chemical glycosylation, the reaction conditions of enzyme-catalyzed glycosylation are extremely mild. Usually enzymatic or chemoenzymatic methods are used for process optimization.

With a professional synthesis platform, CD BioGlyco provides our clients with scientific assistance custom cyclodextrin development. Particularly, we provide several strategies to prepare cyclodextrins-guest complexes including kneading, grinding, microwave irradiation, supercritical carbon dioxide, co-precipitation, and spray-dried.


  • Carbohydrate structure and function research
  • Drug discovery
  • Therapeutic vaccine development

Advantages of Us

  • Detailed analysis of the synthesized molecules to ensure the high quality of the final product
  • Highly integrated approaches can combine chemical and enzymatic methods to quickly assemble oligosaccharides
  • Update methods according to international development
  • Customized route design

CD BioGlyco fully combines chemical synthesis and enzymatic synthesis to provide customers with high-quality synthetic oligosaccharides. The comprehensive post-synthesis analysis experiment provides a sufficient guarantee for customers' products.

Customers can contact our employees directly and we will respond promptly. If you are interested in our services, please contact us for more detailed information.


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